Spirit Catcher

Belgian DJ duo waffle on about their music, among other things. <em>Time Out</em> joins them mid chat to find out what makes them tick.

DJ feature

DJ duo Spirit Catcher – Tom Sohet and Jean Vanesse to their friends – are injecting some Belgian cool into 360°. James Wilkinson got in touch to find out more.

Have you played 360° before?
Tom: Yes, we’ve already played here twice. Playing in an outdoor club in the middle of the sea with a great crowd… isn’t it great?

Describe your sound to our readers.
Jean: I think ‘modern disco music’ is probably the best word to describe our sound. We are both very influenced by disco and electro-funk from the end of the 70s to the beginning of the 80s. We like to mix old analogue gears from this period with new modern technologies to ‘futurise’ the past.

How and why did you two first meet?
Jean: We were studying sound engineering at a high school in Belgium and we became friends through our passion for music. During a freezing trip to Canada, we saw an interesting sculpture called ‘Spirit Catcher’ by Ron Baird. We felt in love with this sculpture so we basically stole the name!

What’s the most disastrous night you have had to endure?
Jean: It was in Rio de Janeiro last Christmas. The promoter didn’t get permission for the beautiful venue he had planned, so the party went on in an old cinema with concrete walls, six seconds of reverb and the worst sound system we’ve ever heard in our lives. It was more than 40°c inside, very humid and full of thousands of starving mosquitoes. Worse, our synth, Juno 106, was ruined; I think I saw him flashing a desperate SOS message.

Spirit Catcher play 360°, Friday 28 March, 7-10pm. Free entry after 8pm; to enter earlier, register at www.platinumlistdubai.com.

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