Bedroom DJ PreRoll tells us how he mixes up his Swede, Swede, music. Sorry. <em>Time Out</em> probes him for information.

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You live in Dubai now, but you started out in Sweden; what made you move out here, and how do the two club scenes compare with each other?
I moved to Dubai to further my career as a visual effects designer in the film industry, so it wasn’t actually because of my DJing. I’d say the club scene here is very different. There’s a lot more money floating around here, so you get big name DJs flying in every weekend. In Sweden, there’s less money, but more experimentation – it’s more spontaneous, with fewer big-name guys, but more upcoming artists and genres.

What do you think of Dubai’s music scene in general?
I almost always have a good time when I go out here, but I think there are too few options, too little variety. It’s good, but it can get a lot better, and there is potential.

Which clubs do you tend to frequent and why?
I’m not much for going to the same place every weekend; that would make me bored quickly. For me it is more important who I’m going out with and what kind of music the place is playing, rather than which place it is. But I loved iBO (which has almost become a cliché to say), 360° is nice during sunset, Submarine has great potential, and Chi and Elegante have some good nights.

You get a gig. How would you like to be described on the club flyer?
I’m aware that it might be difficult to describe my style, and therefore it might seem hard to market. It would be a lot easier if I just said I’m playing deep house or minimal, and that’s it. In my sets I’m not afraid to jump from one genre to the next, to keep the music constantly interesting. And come on, where’s the challenge in seamlessly mixing three house tracks in a row? But, to answer your question, at the moment I play mostly fidget house, Baltimore breaks, French electro a la Ed Banger, ghetto bass, and baile funk. So either any, or all, of those genres could describe my style.

How did you get into dance music?
In the late 80s, me and my friend used to spend hours mixing Italo Disco, Body Music, early Chicago house and Acid, on two belt-driven turntables and an old school mixer. We played some school parties, and a few years later we had our own club night (that we called Techno Club, which was of course a complete rip-off from Talla 2XLC’s club at the same time, ha ha). From there I really got into the whole rave and club culture, and haven’t looked back since.

Which mix are you most proud of?
Always my latest mix.

Which are your favourite Dubai-based DJs?
Smoking Groove when he plays fidget house, Da:Funct when he plays mash-ups, Mach4 when he plays drum’n’bass. Vincent Viper is my hope for the future.

And favourite internationally?
I can’t pick just one, no chance. Diplo, Switch, Bird Petersen, Sinden, Mochipet, 2ManyDJs, Hervé, Bart B More, just to mention a few. We need these DJs brought here to Dubai. Today. Or actually yesterday.

What equipment do you use for your mixes?
I use a MacBook running MixMeister Fusion. Anybody who says DJing on a laptop is cheating, is a doomed dinosaur.

What’s the biggest audience you’ve played to so far?
10,000 cockroaches in my back yard! He he. No seriously, I guess a couple of hundred at iBO last spring. Or if you count online audiences; thousands.

Which are the best websites and forums for bedroom DJs like yourself?
For the latest music, it’s all about the blogs:,, and Then there’s a lot of reading and keeping updated about upcoming releases, checking, and so on. And of course there is still the legendary forum

Where can we hear you? How should we show our support if we like it?
Apart from various blogs that feature my mixes, you can listen to my sets on,, and the Sweet & Sour group on Facebook. If you like what you hear, and want to hear my kind of music in a club in Dubai, help spread the word, nag the organisers about booking me, join my Facebook group, and drop me an email at

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