Paranoia in Dubai

The return of Keva’s bi-weekly techno night brings with it a flurry of excitement and the glimmer of glow sticks, we find out more.

DJ feature

Paranoia, Keva’s bi-weekly techno night, has come back once again. James Wilkinson talks to night organiser and resident DJ Adam about the present, the future and… them.

Paranoia, eh? Sounds a bit sinister to us. Explain the concept.
The concept for the night is very simple: amazing music, great sound, chic decor, flowing champagne, Grey Geese flying, Johnny walking, Absolut attitude and a lot of fun! Think of it as ‘reality on a finer scale’ every two weeks.

What makes it stand out from the other nights that are on in Dubai?
We’ve been promoting techno a lot and we are passionate about the genre, and that in itself sets us apart. There is nothing really exciting happening on Thursdays and we want to change that.

Who’ll be DJing on April 10?
It’s still kind of up in the air, but most probably it will be Pawas from Spectral Sound/Flash Records in Frankfurt. Then on April 24, I and Madhu – who runs the night with me – will be hosting. Check out or for more information on what’s happening. Remember – the truth is out there.

What names do you have lined up for the future?
There are so many people I want to bring down here – it all depends!

How can people get into the night? The March 27 night was by invitation only...
…and by guest list. People can email their names and numbers to to get on the list. For the April 10 show, since it is an international DJ, we have a limited guest list and will send out invitations to the clubbing elite, press and sponsors. We are never really pushy when it comes to ticket sales as it is more about growing the scene, but we do need to sell a few to keep ourselves afloat.

Currently you’re on every alternate Thursday – any plans to go weekly?
Hmm, not for now. The space gives me a chance to travel, DJ in other places and venues, and get new ideas. I have run Paranoia’s sister night, Warped, every other Friday night at Touch for the past three years and feel that the arrangement goes down well with the crowd – so why rock the boat?!

And finally… are they really all out to get you?
‘They’ are out to get everyone. RFID chips – that’s what you should fear! But seriously, if they are out to get me then I am flattered…!

Paranoia is at Keva on Thursday April 10, 10pm-3am. Entry by guest list and invitation only; for a chance to go on the guest list, e-mail

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