Nour Ajam

The fashion TV presenter talks about Dubai's best parties, her best moments, and why she loves, loves, loves Dubai.

Nour Ajam

My favourite regular club night is…
Peppermint, because it has the best music in town and the crowd is wildest. There is a big mix of people from all over the world that are either in Dubai as tourists or living here, but they are all united and dance to the same beat all night.

Where I go for… a big night out:
Peppermint – cause they bring out the best DJs.

…a more sedate chat:
Bar 44 because it’s so exclusive, or Trader Vic’s because it has an excellent drinks menu.

…the music:
Sho Cho.

…any other reason I can think of:
360° the way it used to be, because it was romantic and more chilled out, and they had great shishas and drinks too! Where else in the world can you have a shisha at a bar in the middle of the sea?

My favourite local DJ is…
For me, the number one DJ is definitely MaDJam. He has a true passion for music.

My favourite music is…
House music like you get in Peppermint and 80s music like in Sho Cho.

My best ever night in Dubai was…
Peppermint’s third anniversary. We started off at Cin Cin, than went to Peppermint and then to an after-party – but I can’t comment on that! The music was good, I was with a great group of people, and it helps that all these places were in just one hotel. I saw a lot of friends whom I haven’t seen for awhile, including people who don’t live in Dubai but came all the way over for the weekend.

Regarding Dubai’s nightlife scene in general, I think…
Because the nightlife options are limited, nightclubs end up competing against each other to bring out the best music and international talent for performances. Also, nightclubs are getting too expensive and the rules and regulations are taking the fun out of going out, specifically the 3am curfew that means that no matter what you are doing and how much fun you are having, you have to stop partying and go home. Sometimes it’s better to leave people in the party atmosphere instead of sending them home at the height of the night.

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