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<em>Time Out</em> quizzes the 'future saviour of house music' about his Dubai gig and his first appearance in the Middle East in 10 questions.

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According to fellow star DJ Erick Morillo, Oliver Lang is ‘the future saviour of house music’. But what is the secret of his success? James Wilkinson finds out.

Have you played in Dubai before?
I’ve played in Dubai five times before and I think the crowds are great. They’re really cosmopolitan, fun-loving people who like to look good. There’s no real snobbery with the music either, which I like – it’s all about the party.

What can we expect when you roll in to Tickled Pink?
More of the same really – great times, good music and lots of dancing. No, really, I’ve got lots of my own new productions to play, lots of new edits of tracks and heaps of energy after my three weeks in Australia.

Is it true that you’ve been DJing since you were 14?
Yeah – a friend of my older sister’s was a DJ and I used to hang around at his, learning new tricks. Then I started playing at private parties and then in clubs.

I would’ve thought most venues would be a bit wary of letting kids behind their decks...
I used to look old for my age, so club-owners actually thought I was 18 when I was actually 15. But I once let it slip to a club owner that it was my 16th birthday in a week’s time and I lost my residency there and then!

You’ve played all over the world – which countries have given you the best reception?
Well it always feels like home from home when I come to Dubai! I actually have quite a few friends who have moved to Dubai so its good to catch up with them. I get looked after well in Australia and South America, too.

And which have given the worst?
I’ve never really had any disaster receptions, but going into Russia can sometimes be a bit tedious with the visas, etc. I once got to a very small city in Russia and there was no-one to pick me up and absolutely no-one spoke English apart from a few beggars. The airport was like a shed, night was starting to fall and there was nowhere to wait, I was just on the side of the road with no phone battery! It was all OK in the end, but it was quite a freaky hour for me.

You’re a resident on Bora Bora in Ibiza, but you’re from Manchester. What’s that like?
I actually live in Ibiza more than the UK – I spend about seven months of every year there. It’s my home, but Manchester is my base. When I’m not in Ibiza I miss the easy pace of life, the food and the wine. The thing I miss about Manchester when I’m not there is mainly my family, but they spend most of the summer in Ibiza anyway.

You’ve had a successful few years – what ambitions do you have that you haven’t yet achieved?
I’m very happy with where I am at the moment, but I’d like to get that really big track, maybe commercially or just an underground hit, and I’d like to eventually be able to move my whole studio out to Ibiza and just live there.

What’s your secret to success?
The only secret I could possibly offer to my success would be that I’ve always been honest with people, stuck to doing my own thing without worrying what others are up to, and just generally had faith in my own abilities. Always having a smile on you’re face never hurts either.

What are your current guaranteed dance floor fillers?
’Bomb The Terrace’ by Oliver Lang, ‘Ride My Rempo (Oliver Lang Mix)’ by Ida Corr, ‘Gate One’ by Elvis Benait and Tony Gomez, ‘I Don’t Know’ by Mark Mendes and ‘Plastic Dreams (Laidback Luke Bootleg)’ by Jaydee.

Oliver Lang plays Tickled Pink at The Apartment on Thursday 24 April, 9pm-3am. Dhs85, free for ladies before 12midnight.

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