Hip hop star in Dubai

The world's best hip hop DJ, with the coolest name, comes to Dubai. We pinned him down for a chat before the gig to find out what's in store for us.

DJ feature

Don’t say Time Out never takes care of you: our upcoming party not only features Razorlight and Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzales of Masters At Work, but also Ca$h Money, officially the greatest hip hop DJ in the world. Read on...

You’re headlining Time Out Dubai’s first ever festival – how excited do you feel?
All I can say is ‘WOW’!

You were entered into the DMC Hall of Fame as ‘The World’s Greatest DJ’ – where do you go from there?
Well I just live off of my reputation and rock parties all over the world. I just love to make people dance and have a good time...

How long have you been into turntablism?
We never called it turntablism back then – that’s a new name for what I do, I guess. I’ve been DJing for 26 years. Wow, that’s a long time...

How have your skills and sounds progressed over the years?
Well I’m not the same DJ I was when I first started. I used to be shy and I would never talk on the mic during a performance. Now I’m on the mic all the time while I’m playing. I’m the DJ and MC all in one now.

Hip hop has hit a creative and commercial dead end. Discuss.
Yes, music has definitely hit a dead end. It’s too easy for people to make music – there are so many terrible artists that make it because they have a good publicity team. This is why you see them and hear them all the time – no one tells them that they suck! Every average artist can make it these days. I blame the media for that.

What was the defining moment of your career?
Winning the title for ‘The World’s Greatest DJ’. Not many people can say that. Plus having people wanting to still see me perform after all these years. It’s truly a blessing.

Scratching is one of those things that’s inherently cool, but how do you get to your level?
Well you have to practice and be different. You have to be a trailblazer, not a follower. It’s cool to copy someone’s style to learn from it, but you have to move on and create your own style from that. Never steal somebody’s routine to make it yours.That’s what’s wrong with the world today – nobody is doing anything original any more...

Give us some hints about some of the tracks you’ll be playing on the night.
Just some great tunes to make you feel good...

What is the secret to your success as a DJ?
There is no secret. I’m just a music lover.

What are the common mistakes that you’ve seen DJs make?
Playing the same records that every other DJ plays. You have to educate your crowd.

You’ve been credited with creating the transformer scratch. How did you put it together?
I made the scratch by accident – I hit the ‘off’ button while the record was still spinning and I was using the cross-fader at the same time. It made this crazy noise that sounded like the Transformers cartoon, so I just took that sound and perfected it.

You’ve said that you see yourself more as an entertainer than a DJ. What’s the difference between the two in your eyes?
DJs play records. I entertain. I can play the same records as another DJ, but get a different reaction to him by the way and order that I play the tunes.

What do you do when you’re away from the decks?
I spend time with my family and play a lot of basketball.

What’s in your future?
Just continuing what I am doing. There’s a big world out there that hasn’t had the DJ Ca$h Money experience.

Ca$h Money plays Time Out Comes Home at Chi on Friday April 25 from 7.30pm-3am. Tickets Dhs100 with the Time Out Comes Home voucher before 10pm and Dhs150 after 10pm.

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