DJ F Mix

The local DJ reveals his mixing strategy for all those with a keen ear for a tune and an eye on a future career.

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Fadi Al Zein, AKA DJ F Mix, is one of the semi-finalists for this year’s Palme Middle East competition. But how does he plan to win? Here’s how...

DJ F Mix
Real name – Fadi Al Zein
Age – 27
Nationality – Syrian
Job – DJ
Residence – Sharjah

What kind of music do you play?
I play all kinds of music because each dancefloor has its own style and every style has a different mood and set. So I change it for each audience.

How do you create a good set?
You need inspiration, imagination and experience. Every time I touch my CD player a new idea is born. Anything I experience during the day or night can give me new ideas for an awesome set.

How well do you think you will do in the competition?
Hopefully I will win. I’m working hard on creating a brilliant set. I do believe that I have a chance in this competition and I will use all my skills and knoweldge to make my name.

How much experience do you have of playing to crowds?
Five years; I started with weddings, private parties and open area shows, and I’ve done work at corporate parties as well.

What’s your biggest crowd been?
About 1,200.

What will you be doing in five years’ time?
Working hard, building up my performance and my name, and working towards achieving awards in global competitions and getting my name on hot compilations in music stores.

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