Why white rules at The Apartment on May 29. <em>Time Out</em> finds out why the club with Dubai's most glamorous guest list is bringing in its latest dress code.

DJ feature

How did you get into the DJing business?
I really started DJing four years ago. Before then, I was only playing for my friends. But I decided that I liked it so much I should go professional and find work as a DJ. I began at BDP in St-Tropez, one of the best pre-party club in the city. This was a very good beginning for me!

What kind of music do you play? What attracts you to that music?
I play house music, from deep house to progressive house. In house music you can find many influences, like jazz, disco, funk and Afro beats. This is very useful, because with those influences I can adapt my music to the mood of whichever club I’m playing.

What can we expect from you when you come to Dubai?
I’m here to recreate the spirit of the craziest parties you can find in Saint-Tropez.

What’s the clubbing scene like over there? How did it influence you as a DJ?
Its a mix of show-offs and celebrities, and the one and only rule is to party! Actually, talking about it reminds me an anecdote. This took place about two years ago at Papagayo Club, one of the biggest clubs there, a simple man came into the club wearing only a pair of shorts and some flip-flops. Nobody knew him at all, but suddenly he announced that he would buy Cristal and Dom Perignon champagne for everybody in the nightclub.

Have you been to Dubai before? If so, what did you think of it?
I came in Dubai in December for the first White Party, which – like this one – was organised by Smart Destination Club. Personally, I love Dubai! The people are open minded and grateful and they are always looking for new concepts. And of course they are always ready to party.

The night is going to have an all-white dress code. Will you be suitably attired?
To be honest I don’t have any pants, but I will respect the dress code.

What’s your favourite track right now and why?
My favorite track is called ‘Malosax’. This track is produced by a French guy call Stan Courtois. It’s a simple track with very nice Afro beats and an amazing sax riff.

What’s the biggest DJing disaster you have experienced during the course of your career?
It was in one of my first parties. The club was full and I was preparing my next track in my headphones. I was dancing and singing this track out loud and enjoying myself, but when I raised my head everybody was looking at me because the sound system had broken.

Similarly, what’s your most memorable DJing moment?
I think it’s was the Full Moon Party in St-Tropez, the Full Moon Party is a famous event organized every year in June. It’s the first big event in St-Tropez and it basically opens the partying season, so everybody wants to be there and have a party. But I hope that this White Night will become my most memorable moment as a DJ. I’ll see you there!

DJ ROM-1 plays White Night on Thursday May 29.

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