Miss Roberta

Miss Roberta joins us for a chat<em>. Time Out</em> finds out how she got to where she is and what she's doing in Dubai.

DJ feature

I have loved music since I was a kid, and at the age of 10 I wanted to learn piano or guitar, but my parents refused. At 19 I started going to clubs, and I would go straight to the DJ booth and spend hours looking at the DJs and asking them questions. A few years later I attended a DJing course as a hobby and bought a pair of Technique turntables and a mixer and started practicing at home. Since then 10 years have passed and it has changed from a hobby and a musical inspiration to a full-time job.

The job has taken me to several countries like Russia, Colombia, France, Italy, Tunisia, Estonia and Morocco, and it’s always nice to visit and play in other countries. I am looking forward to playing in Dubai as apart from there being a great music evolution happening, there are also a lot of Maltese clubbers working there so I am looking forward to see them all again!

At the moment I am playing a lot of tech house, techno and minimal sounds. I always try to carry as much music as I can with me so that I can see what kind of mood the clubbers are in and do my best to satisfy them and see the dance floor move. At present, I am in love with the music being made by John Digweed, Shlomi Aber, Popof, Guy J, Guy Gerber, and Sven Vat. My favorite tracks at the moment are ‘Time Zero (Paul Ritch rmx)’ by Shonky, ‘Screw You’ by Kate Lawler, ‘No Fear’ by Fabrizio Maurizi, ‘Faith’ by Johaness Heil, ‘Keep On’ by Beckers & Hatfield… the list goes on and on!

As well as being a DJ I am also a promoter – but a promoter with a difference, as I don’t do big parties and I don’t promote big DJs. I started doing my own night as I enjoy playing longer, special sets, which is something you can do in your own nights. Originally I started with a club night of a small, select crowd of only 300 people. Since then, the family of clubbers that attends my events has grown much bigger, but my aim remains the same: quality music for quality clubbers.

There aren’t many female DJs on the world circuit and I think the reason is because this job is not easy at all – as a woman, it’s a bit more difficult to merge with the rest of the male DJs as men were the first DJs. But I love a challenge!

My message to all the woman that are interested in DJing is this: just don’t take no for an answer and keep pushing hard for what you love to do most. If others have made it, anyone can, and if you really love music there is no difference between a man and a woman. You just need to keep trying hard. My message to the promoters and club owners is to try and give more chances to female DJs as they might be pleasantly surprised by the results!

At the moment I am working on production and am trying to release some tracks under my name. My dream is to keep doing what I like to do most, which is DJing, producing, touring the world and promoting my sounds and events. I also dream about having a hit one day.

Miss Roberta plays Kazeen Presents Plus Minus Sessions on Thursday May 29.

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