Alphabeat have waves to make you like them but will we really love their style as they launch themselves in Dubai? We investigate.

Music feature

How did the band start out?
The boys got together in high school in music class and started a band and later on I joined them. I didn’t know any of them. They needed a backup vocal so I did an audition. Now I’m one of the two main vocalists. We were just having fun in the beginning. and then suddenly things took off.

You don’t seem to fit in with the Western musical climate, do you?
In Denmark and Europe in general it’s been indie-rock, self-centred music the last few years, so I guess that’s why people are getting into our sort of thing – they find it refreshing. There are plenty of people doing [ballads and angst] so we’re happy.

The consensus in Time Out towers is that Alphabeat’s self-titled album is a guilty pleasure...
Pop’s a dirty word and people don’t want to admit to listening to it. But I think the fact that we actually write our songs, play our instruments and put on good live performances can sway people.

Is it true that you turned down opening for The Spice Girls?
Yes. It’s not that we hate The Spice Girls, we just don’t want to be in the same box as a manufactured pop band. And we’re a new generation of pop; supporting their reformation would be a bit weird.

Got any secret ambitions?
We would definitely like to play in Japan. It’s always been a weird dream to stand on a huge stage in front of 3,000 Japanese people. Supposedly they are the craziest audience!

Are you in it for the long haul?
We’re going to keep trying and if we don’t have success within 10 years then we might try something else, but this is what we’re enjoying doing right now and it seems that others are enjoying what we’re doing as well.

Alphabeat is available in stores.

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