Oscar de Rivera

Madrid’s own Oscar de Rivera will be rocking the house at Neo this Friday, so we decided to make enquiries...

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Madrid’s own Oscar de Rivera will be rocking the house at Neo this Friday, so we decided to make enquiries...

What kind of house do you play?
In my sets I play all styles of house, from deep house to Latin to tech house, depending on the venue’s characteristics. I don’t have problem adapting my style to each one of the clubs and crowds I play for.

Why house?
House music has always had something in that appealed to me, right from the very beginning, 18 years ago. I never had doubts about taking up this kind of music.

What can the people of Dubai expect from your set?
Passion, groove and fun.

What is your absolute favourite tune right now, and why?
Right now: Claude Von Stroke and Christian Martin’s ‘Groundhog Day (Gabriel Ananda feat Alice Rose rmx)’.

What’s the secret to a good set?
I’m still trying to find it! But two clues are good musical taste and a hardworking spirit to make things better day by day.

What kind of responses do you look for from the crowds?
Boredom and fun are common factors in all dance floors around the world. You can feel within the crowd if your set is achieving something or if it is doing absolutely nothing.

What do you listen for in a track before you’ll play it?
A track has to make me feel something, whatever the style is.

What is your best memory from your 18-year career?
A lot of them, but I’ll stay with my first professional set back in 1990. The beginnings were not easy, but I learned a lot from them.

What is the worst thing that can happen when DJing?
Having the sensation that you are not being as good as people are expecting from you. But you learn from everything and from those moments you learn even more.

Do you have any ambitions yet to fulfill?
Constantly. Life is a continuing ambition.

Will you still be Djing when you are a pensioner?
I will answer this question when I am a pensioner.

Oscar de Rivera plays Neo Meets Madrid on Friday June 6.

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