We explore the fusion of fashion and music at the launch of Eclipse. What's not to like? <em>Time Out</em> finds out more.

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So what’s the deal with Eclipse? What’s going to make it stand out from the rest?
Eclipse will be a combination of fashion and nightclubing. Dubai does the same kinds of things over and over again, and I didn’t want to do something that’s just a case of bringing a big-name DJ over; I wanted to give it flavour, give it a little more added value for my clientele. And fashion and music go hand in hand, so this will be a perfect combination. What people want is something unique and special, and hopefully this will tick those boxes.

Sorry, we’re a bit confused now – are people there to shop or to dance?
They are there to look at the fashion initially – we will have welcome drinks and canapés and then proceed with the fashion, which will have models showing off the clothing from the Indian fashion house Mumbai Sa. Afterwards, we will have music so they can dance the night away to famous Indian DJs. And of course, there will be representatives of Mumbai Sa there, so that when our clients find an item of clothing that they like, they can buy it.

Who are these famous DJs that you’re getting in to play?
Bally Sagoo will the be DJ on the first night. We told him that we’re doing fashion and we needed a big-name DJ and he was fine to come on board.

What kind of music will he be playing?
He is the pioneer of taking Bollywood songs, remixing it and breaking it into the western public. But we don’t want to alienate our crowd; we want the Lebanese crowd, the European crowd; all nationalities are welcome and everyone will enjoy the music because it’s not typical Indian music – it’s mixed with hip hop R&B and house.

Will there be any Bollywood celebs there?
We know that there will be a few coming for sure, but we can’t mention any names at this time. Sorry. But we will have a lot of Bollywood stars attending this. It’s all basically going hand in hand: the fashion the music, the celebrity factor.

So from what you’ve said so far, it sounds like Eclipse is basically an Indian night.
No, it’s not just an Indian night, because later on it’s going to transcend into other projects – not just Indian fashion, but English fashion, European fashion and so on. It’s not going to be exclusively Indian, because there are only so many Indian fashion houses in Dubai.

Do you have any previous experience of hosting nights?
Euromedia conducts Persian nights all over Dubai – we’ve had a residency at Boudoir for four years and we had five years at Trilogy until it closed, and now we’ve moved to Plan B very successfully. These are all Persian events, but we are branching out, first with eclipse and then with plans for a night for foreign DJs.

What do you have planned for future Eclipse nights?
We want to see how the first one goes. We do have plans for the future but we can’t confirm anything as of now – we want to see the feedback because the most important thing to us is the people that attend the venues. We want to give them an enjoyable night and an experience that they will come out of saying, ‘This was great, we will definitely go to the next one.’

Eclipse is at Plan B on June 18.

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