R&B-influenced desi singer H-Dhami takes a break with Time Out to talk about awards, celebrity and his mum’s cooking.

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Tell us about the last.. time you won an award.
Last time I won an award was last May, when I was given an award for young Sikh achievers in London. It was amazing because we’re representing Asians all around the UK. Performing in the heart of London was a really big experience. I didn’t expect to win awards this fast since it’s only been a year since I started, and my first track only came out last year. It’s been completely beyond my expectations.

...time you came to Dubai.
I performed in Dubai on New Year’s Eve. I also came four times last year.The support we have had has been incredible and I love it. The first time I came, I went to Wild Wadi and it’s great just to go there and get away from everything. I can’t get enough of Dubai.

...time you were in a studio.
Last time I was in the record studio was last night; we were finishing off my album. It’s due for release on July 18, so we’ve just wrapped it up. People have been reordering online like mad and it’s looking good. I think people are starting to realise a lot of work goes into making these albums and I’m a fresh new singer, so the two singles I have released have been amazing for someone who’s only 23.

...time you met a fan.
Pretty recently. Whether or not I’m performing, the responsibility is in my hands to go meet people and say thank you. If they can take the time to come see me then I can take five minutes out of my time to see them.

...time you played a truly mind-blowing gig.
I just came back from Toronto and the response there was amazing. For me, every gig I have done has just been incredible. And the gig in London I had last night was great – there were 600-plus people there. All the London gigs have been crazy.

...track you listened to.
The last tracks been from my new album, checking to see if they need improving. I’m just listening to them again and again to make sure they’re all perfect.

...time you had a good old laugh.
Last night in the recording studios. It’s one of those things when you are concentrating and you try to say something and it comes out the wrong way – you just crack up.

...time you got homesick.
When you travel far away it’s not really that bad, but it’s when you are in your hometown and you can’t get to the house – that’s when it gets nasty. You think you could be home, having some of your mum’s cooking and that’s when you feel enough’s enough.

...time you got in trouble.

I try and keep out of trouble. The most I get is parking tickets. With me its all about love, not hate.

...time you thought about your future career.
I’m just planning my career right now, really. I’m doing my music and trying to expand my knowledge in different musical genres. I’m just trying to plan my career and live my dream.

H-Dhami plays Kandy Club on June 12.

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