Francesco Assenza

Italian minimal master and club floor-filler Francesco Assenza tells <em>Time Out</em> what’s going on as he prepares to bring his brand to Dubai.

DJ feature

What can we expect from your Dubai set?
I always try to play the unexpected! I love surprises.

That’s cheating. OK, so are there any tunes that really rock your world right now?
There are a lot of tunes I’m playing right now that are not yet released and some that will never be released. They are made by a small crew of people I’m working with, so we can pull out a peculiar sound that can be recognized as our unqiue style. It’s like a tribe. Other than that, I like Matthew Dear – I love all his projects – Mathias Kaden, Paul Rich, and Davide Squillace and his label Minisketch. There is a lot of good music around the world.

Why did you move from Italy to Germany?
A lot of people spoke about Berlin as the most open-minded city in Europe, so I decided to see it and now I’m in love with it – it’s free and full of art and music. The Germans have great freedom in their parties.

Before becoming a DJ, you played guitar. Why the change?
DJing is just a natural development of my music. I like to be in touch with people around me, and when I’m DJing I’m more free to express myself – more than singing someone else’s song or playing a guitar. But I like to play and sing as well. For the moment, I have decided to quit guitar shows because I prefer to be free from structure. I also want to develop my knowledge of electronic music.

You also run Unpolite Records. What’s that about?
I started Unpolite Records with my friend Giancarlino, aka Omo Nero, to consolidate his work. Our common passion led us to create a label for our project that also involves producers, DJs and clubs worldwide. We’re trying to be recognised through the sound, the artwork and parties we do.

What does the future hold for Unpolite?
After a little break, we are starting again with some massive releases. The next releases on Unpolite Records are from Omo Nero and Paco Osuna, and Andrea Ferlin and Matteo Spedicati. They will be followed by records from DJ Red and Andrea Ferlin, out in the summer. My EP will be ready in September, and I’m working on a new project. But like I said, I like surprises.

Why is the label called Unpolite? Are you a rude and impolite person?
A friend of ours used to say that we are impolite DJs because our music is so strong that it puts everything upside-down. We are so impolite that we are unpolite! But we are so gentle; don’t be afraid.

Francesco plays Paranoia on June 12. See

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