Scott Lummes

London DJ Scott Lummes tells <em>Time Out</em> about Miami and disrespect while we introduce Scott to the joys of clubbing in Dubai.

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Tell us about the last... time you realised how awesome your job actually is.
Well I’m losing track of days now, but I would say last Sunday morning, while I was in Ibiza. There were opening parties on Sunday and on Monday and they were absolutely amazing. It was a good week in Ibiza; very, very nice.

...track you listened to.
The re-mix of DSK’s ‘What Would We Do’ by Hagenaar & Albrecht on Nocturnal Groove records; it’s brilliant and it’s all over the place; people interested in house music will know it.

...time you went on holiday.
I went to Miami in March. I don’t think there’s anywhere we didn’t go there because we were there for a week, and there were, like, 250 parties.

...celeb you saw in your audience.
Jamiroquai. I don’t know if he came to see me, but seeing him was great.

...time you feared for your life.
In Ibiza on Friday, after five days of parties and sheer over-indulgence.

...time you felt your career was being disrespected.
The other day in Ibiza, my mates and me were raving in the car to two tracks I had made and my mate said one of them was rubbish, not knowing I had made it. I don’t know if it actually was rubbish, but it was nowhere near as good as the other one. He liked the other one, though. I suppose it wasn’t disrespect, just constructive criticism.

...time you got a massive adrenaline rush.
In Pacha – a club in London – back in May. The club was being re-launched and I think they spent Dhs900,000 on a new sound system. It was so extreme, and it was great to be re-launching our residency there.

...time you were starstruck.
The last time I was starstruck was the first time I met Marshall Jefferson – such a total legend in house music, and he turned out to be a total gent.

...time you had a DJing disaster.
Oh, years ago – I’m far too old and professional for those sort of things to happen to me! (laughs) It would have been a Basement Jaxx afterparty; I wasn’t really paying attention and my shirt got stuck to the arm of the record player so that when I shot around to get some water, 2,500 people got a vrrrrrrt noise as the arm slipped across the record. But it was a good recovery, as it happened just on the beat, so people were shouting for more, while I was up there blushing. So that was a bit of a disaster. But the recovery was great – they went mad.

...time you stayed in.
Sometimes when I’m working, I will do 12 hours straight on the computer. Sometimes, on a weekend, I can do, like, four lots of 12-hour sessions, but I take breaks. I have to sleep at some point, but not until about 5am.

Scott plays SessionS on June 26.

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