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<em>Time Out</em> finds out what Ibiza-lover Philippe B gets up to when he's not entertaining the crowds. We uncover a life beyond the music.

DJ feature

I started out as the resident DJ at the Queen Club in Paris for the very famous Disco Queen Party. I decided that I wanted to move into production and obviously I could not become a disco producer, so I started making house music. And the more you become a producer of house music, the more you want to play it.

My tracks include ‘Can You Feel It’, which was a hit across Europe and the rest of the world, and ‘Ibiza Mi Amore’, which has been played all around the globe and was voted to the top of the DJ Magazine poll in 2006. Pete Tong also played it a lot on his BBC radio show.

Around one year ago, I came to Dubai and played at the Peppermint Club. The party was really amazing. In Dubai you have a lot of people from different countries and different cultures, which makes the dance floor really interesting. And I think that the Dubai club scene is one of the best in the world, because you have all these big DJs every week, so if you go for just a few days, you can catch them.

Dubai is especially good for electro-house music, which is what I play, though I never put on anything too deep. I prefer electro with nice vocals, good melodies, maybe a little bit pumping, but not really underground. I like to bring remixes and bootlegs, that way people think they know the track even if they don’t really. When I play I do a lot of technical things, even if people don’t understand what or see what I’m doing – I’m using a lot of loops, a lot of samples from the mixer, I’m using a lot of a cappella to bring something more than the guys who just play one track after another.

I plan about 50 per cent of my gigs, but the rest depends on other people. You know when you play one track after another and you see them going up and up and up? OK, you need to shock them to bring them up again. So 50 per cent is planned, this is true, but that 50 per cent will change over time as I pick up new tunes, and the other 50 per cent is an improvisation between me and the audience.

I always try to stay very close to the people, the people on the dance floor and people in different countries, people from the media because it is important to be who I am. I want to keep my feet on the ground. I have been in this business for more than 15 years and if it would change me I would not stay there.

Philippe B plays Deep Nights on June 26.

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