Techno talk, musical debate, and a bit of idle chit-chat, with the creator of ‘Brazil To Detroit’. <em>Time Out</em> has five whole minutes to uncover the truth.

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The creator of ‘Det’ and ‘Brazil To Detroit’ has a quick word with Time Out about his upcoming live PA set at Paranoia.

Have you been to Dubai before?
No, I have never been to Dubai before; I have heard a lot and I have friends who have gone over and started a new life there, but I’ve never experienced it myself. I think it will be interesting…

You’ll be doing a live personal appearance rather than a DJ set – how will you be making tunes on the night? Will there be lots of samples, bells and whistles?
No, not a lot – I like to keep a small setup, so that there isn’t too much to move about during travelling, just a MacBook, a Novation Remote Zero SL Midi music controller and my old M-Audio Oxygen keyboard. It’s just right to control everything I need. Of course, I also work with [music sequencer] Ableton Live, as does nearly everybody. Sorry, that must sound boring – and it is.

What is the secret to making a great live performance?
I won’t tell you my secrets – if you knew, you would be able to do my job! Nah, just kidding. The secret is to just be there live as a person and really react to and play with the crowd, not just hide behind the controllers.

How do your sets tend to develop over the night?
Anything is possible; I try to feel the vibe of the crowd and listen to what the DJ before me plays and then decide what to do.

How much idea do you have of where your music is going, and how much is improvised?
It’s mostly improvised. If I have a plan, it normally falls apart as the song takes a totally different direction. Sure, I have some trademark Daso sounds, but I often end up doing totally strange stuff that I usually lock away so it would otherwise never see the light.

Will you be including any recognisable tracks as part of the set or is it all live music and samples?
There will be noticeable tracks there, but they will appear in new arrangements or modified forms. As well as that, there will be a lot of loops just for the live set and often new song ideas occur to me during playing and improvising.

Your track ‘Det’ has proved to be something of an enduring hit; how does it feel to know that it’s still getting played months after release?
Actually, that is my goal – I don’t like to produce tracks that get played and then thrown away because they blend in with the rest of the stuff that’s coming out every month. Three years on, my first record still gets played, and there are DJs who always carry it with them. My goal isn’t easy, in this fast-paced techno world, where there is far too much trash coming out each month.

Daso plays Paranoia on June 26.

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