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Greek DJ, old-school mixer and producer Steve Mill tells us about his return to Dubai and why he never tires of performing for his fans in the Middle East.

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This is your second time playing in Dubai this year...
Yes, I was here three months ago and I had a great time, so I’m more than happy to visit again. It’s perfect – the people were so nice and the atmosphere was so good that I had a great time, totally.

Was it a surprise?
Well I think there is a big difference between the crowds in Greece and the crowds in Dubai. In Greece, house music is not so popular. They prefer small, minimal things – techno or whatever. And the wider audience doesn’t like electronic music too much – only about 10 per cent like electronic music, you know.

So are you an inspiration to Greek DJs and producers?
There are some very good DJs in Greece, but I think that young kids and young producers are encouraged by me. I keep receiving tracks all the time with letters asking if it’s good. I get almost 10 a week.

Do you reply?
I always reply and tell them what’s good, what’s bad and why. I feel that it’s something I have to do. Three or four years ago, I was the one who sent the tracks out and asked for help, so I want to help young kids produce and improve their skills.

What do you look out for?
I’ve always been into melodic things. I’m not just a beat guy – I’ve always tried to look for tracks with melody and feeling that represent my character in some way.

Many of your own tracks are pretty upbeat and melodic.
It’s what I like to listen to when I’m in a club. Even though I have played only one club in Dubai, I think their reaction is much better to this music. I don’t know what the reaction is in big clubs there, but when I played 360° the reaction was good even though I was playing deep house. And that was wonderful for me, to be able to play that music.

What will you play this time?
I like to cover a range in my style, not a specific one, so I’m starting with deep house tunes and then going to more techy house and then moving on to progressive styles. I like more than one variety, I don’t like to stay in one genre alone. I like to see how the audience reacts and adjust my style to keep them interested.

Who’s your favourite DJ?
Herman Cattaneo. I’ve met him before and he’s a really, really good guy. He’s a guy who always responds to the mail people send him. He must get 50 letters a day, I think, but he still writes back to everyone.

Will you as big as him?
It’s a very hard thing to say, because there are so many DJs playing abroad, but my biggest dream is to become one of the main DJs.

So what are your future plans?
To keep producing good music – or what I think is good music. I will try to produce tracks that the crowds like, and keep developing new opportunities abroad. But my main plan right now is to keep making music. That’s the most important thing.

Steve Mill plays Cognito on July 3.

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