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DJ Rink talks about her triumphant return to Dubai’s Kandy Club night, why she loves clubbing the the UAE, and what makes her tick when she's not behind the decks.

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OK, we have to ask this – apologies in advance: where does that name come from?
Though my real name is Snehal Shah, my parents, with all their humility and love, call me ‘Rinku’. Even my closest friends call me by my nickname – DJ Rink evolves out as a shorter version of this name.

What do your parents think of your DJing career?
My parents always allowed me to choose my own path; they never held me back over anything. The day I thought of delving into this profession, they were the first in this universe to support my thoughts.

How do Dubai crowds differ from Mumbai ones?
The Dubai crowd is very similar to the Mumbai crowd; they are as rocking as the people in Mumbai and they have a very good vibe for Bollywood music. That’s what impressed me the most.

For those who were unlucky enough to miss your Kandy Club appearance last time, what will you be playing this week?
I would love to give the crowd a little bit of everything, but I will be playing most of the best Bollywood remixes – which are groovy, commercial house – and some electronic numbers, house, a bit of hip hop, and bhangra.

Which is your favourite tune right now, and why?
There are lot of tunes which I like, but some tracks are really rocking India as well as abroad...‘Love Is Gone’ by David Guetta is my all-time favourite.

What do you miss about home when you’re playing abroad?
I miss a lot of things about home, though I would rather say my home country. I miss the culture, the ethnicity and of course the food!

Have you thought about producing tracks?
I have not thought of anything as of now. I just do things as and when my interest in them is aroused, but you can bet that I will explore music production in the future.

You also have a college degree and a diploma in business management, don’t you?
I was always good with my studies through out my school and college days and it’s very important to have a college degree, hence I did my masters in commerce. I supported my father in his business and that prompted me to do a diploma. DJing was completely separate. I started DJing after achieving all my degrees. It’s my love for music that made me start DJing. For me, music is above everything.

Tell us about your biggest DJing disaster
No major disasters as such – every time I get on the decks I feel more confident. There has never been any experience where the crowd booed me or didn’t like me. I think I should consider myself lucky in this regard and keep my fingers crossed that such a disaster never ever happens to me in the future – or to any other DJ.

DJ Rink plays Kandy Club on July 10.

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