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Bob Sinclair’s top vocalist talks to <em>Time Out</em> as he prepares to lend his vocal talents to a night of house-heavy madness at the 400 club.

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Best known as the voice of Bob Sinclair's 'World, Hold On', Steve Edwards is lending his unique vocal talents to The 400 Club on July 8. Time Out spoke to him about vocal house music, myspace and going solo.

As a job, being a professional house singer is a pretty unusual one. How did you get into it?
I'm really a singer who is known mostly for singing on house tunes but I do all kinds of songs. A friend of mine, Charles Webster, is a deep house DJ and producer and asked me to sing on a track for him in 1999, so it started then.

What would your school's careers advisor think of all this?
He probably wishes he was my manager taking 15 per cent.

What will you be singing when you come over to Dubai?
'Together', 'World, Hold On', 'Watch The Sunrise' and 'Sound Of Violence' among others.

How does doing house vocals differ from other singing work?
House music is very rigid so I like to be able to have a creative flowing style, which makes my delivery quite unusual. My solo stuff is not house, I don't really listen to much house music to be honest.

You wrote the lyrics to Bob Sinclair's 'World, Hold On' - what was the writing process there?
He sent me a basic backing track. I usually write on guitar, so I messed around with the chord structure and wrote the lyrics in my bedroom.

You've also done some other song writing and co-producing work, haven't you? Tell us about that.
I write all the songs I'm featured on, but I also write for other people. I wrote 'Together' [for Bob Sinclair] in my kitchen, 'Sound Of Violence' [for Cassius] in a cafe in Paris and 'Watch The Sunrise' [for Axwell] on a plane to Stockholm. I have a studio in Sheffield, UK, where I like to produce and remix too.

Have you been up to much on that front lately?
Obviously 'Together' has been a worldwide success in the last six months. I also did 'Somewhere Beyond' with Michael Gray in 2007 which has done very well. I have a new track out in September with Yves Larock called 'Listen To The Voice Inside', which I hope will be another biggie.

Ever fancy going it alone and producing your own tracks by yourself?
Yes, I intend to do less featured house music. I also have a new project called Lords Of Flatbush which I hope will do well. www.myspace.com/lordsofflatbush

Or have you ever been tempted to move into a solo pop career? It worked for Craig David.
I'm just finishing my solo album which should be out in 2009. You can hear two tracks on www.myspace.com/steveneiledwards

Steve Edwards plays The 400 Club on July 8. Guestlist essential - call 04 332 4900 for details.

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