Feelin Music Showdown

<em>Time Out</em> finds out what to expect from the musical spectacular as it heads for the Dubai clubbing scene. We're getting excited already.

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What is Feelin Music?
Feelin Music is a dance music label and we aim to represent music with soul, love and passion. We try to push talented underground and unknown artists, and offer them a platform to be heard and represented.

How’s it gone so far?
The industry’s really competitive so we have to work twice as hard to be heard, but the cream will always rise to the top. We’ve been running for almost two years now and we’ve hosted parties all over the globe and sold records in places I’d never thought possible. It’s amazing.

You, Kid Massive and Amrick Channa will all be playing – how do you all represent the label?
We all represent Feelin Music by constantly being professionals and always trying to give the best shows possible. We’re all down-to-earth, normal guys – well, apart from Amrick! – and we know how lucky we are to do something we love for a living. From the way we act outside the club to when we’re rocking the dancefloor inside, there are no divas here.

What can we expect from you?
I’m not going to give too much away otherwise there won’t be any surprises, but the genre’s going to be funky house. I play a mix of deep, soulful grooves right through to real hands-in-the-air tracks, but it’ll all be funky in one way or another. I try to play to the crowd as they’re the most important people in the club, but I still try to educate them with new music and styles every time I play.

You’ll also be playing the tunes for Amrick to sing to. Have you worked out a set list, and if so can you give us a sneak peek?
Although Amrick is doing a PA, he’s also talented and flexible enough to be able to improvise and vibe along with the night. He’ll be acting as more of a conductor for the dance floor. But to really get an idea of what he’s about, you’ll have to come to the club.

Kid Massive went down a storm when he was last over here.What can we expect this time around?
Same again! At the moment he is by far one the best DJs in Europe, if not the world. He’s one of the most consistent DJs I’ve ever worked with and I’ve seen/worked with a lot. A real talent, I think, and this year and the next will be huge for him.

OK, we have to mention this – you’re definitely not the same Jamie T that hit the UK charts last year with the indie track ‘Sheila’, are you?
No, unfortunately I’m not that Jamie T. But my name is Jamie Thomas Neale, so my name does have some relevance. I’ve been DJing under the name Jamie T for around 10 years now, and a couple of years ago some friends of mine asked if I was playing at a big rock festival. Then shortly after, the other Jamie T suddenly popped into the charts. At the time I was travelling a lot with my DJing, so I didn’t really take any notice as he was pretty much UK-centric. But after settling back into London I did notice a few faces look a little miffed when I turned up and started playing house when they were expecting something else.

How do you intend to retain your title as the one true Jamie T?
Get it trademarked! Just kidding. To be honest, I haven’t given it much thought. I play a completely different style of music and I don’t produce music under the name Jamie T, so doesn’t really affect me. I’ll just keep doing what I do in the clubs and make my mark that way.

The Feelin Music Showdown takes place at The Apartment on July 17.

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