Brutus Gold

The 70s DJ legend tells us about his upcoming cheese-filled disco set at Chi and the reason why we all have to be there. <em>Time Out</em> puts its name down.

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OK Brutus, tell us a bit about yourself.
Hey! I'm a fun guy dedicated to the simple things in life. You know – disco music, fast cars, ladies...

So what kind of tunes will you be playing on the night?
The very best in disco music: The Bee Gees, Chic, The Brothers Johnson, Voyage and all that good stuff. I play credible disco, the way it used to be, and I’m here to reinstate it to its rightful place – the dancefloor. So all the groovers and disco freaks out in Dubai can let their hair down – if they’ve still got some – turn off their minds and boogie!

Isn’t 70s disco more cheesy than credible?
Cheese is for mice! I’m a man, not a mouse, so I’m playing man's disco. But ladies will like it too, of course. There’s nothing wrong with having a good time.

What will you take from Dubai?
Well, originally I was looking for an apartment in Dubai to keep my tan topped up, but now I'm thinking about bringing out the entire crew from my Love Train show!

So if this isn’t the full show, what can we expect from the Brutus Gold experience?
Audience involvement, dancing competitions, celebrity guest appearances in two-dimensional form and a great atmosphere for everyone.

If the complete Love Train show comes here, what will it include?
A whole ton of fun, from the hottest dancers to my amazing Studio 54 stage set.

Kay Tel and Holly Goodhead will be accompanying you on the night. Tell us a bit about them and what they'll be getting up to.
Kay Tel and Holly Goodhead are my two hot foxy ladies. They will teach everyone the New York hustle in one great line dance, and will even let you join in and copy their moves to ‘Carwash’, ‘Blame It On The Boogie’ and all those other great songs.

What is your ultimate dream?
To beat the pants off Starsky and Hutch in a street race, while Sheila B Devotion feeds me ice cream from the passenger seat.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Hey! I’m perfect just as I am. But I wouldn’t mind having X-ray vision...

Imagine you could live in any decade other than the 70s. Which would it be and why?
I guess the next one sounds good.

What is the secret to happiness?
Having lots of friends, good music, quality aftershave and a full tank of gasoline.

Brutus Gold plays at Chi on July 25

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