DJ of the moment Raxon tells us about his Alpha residency, why he loves his new home in Dubai and how he ended up at the Garhoud favourite.

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You’re starting up a residency at Alpha’s Cognito nights. What will you bring to the mix?
I always try to deliver the freshest beats to excite both myself and the crowd, and try as hard as I can to not repeat myself.

What kind of music can we expect from you on the night?
A great blend of deep and tech house, with bit of proggy house too.

How did you get into dance music and discover DJing?
I’ve always been a fan of electronic music and its different genres, and had a huge collection of music – just like everyone else. But I was determined to do something with it and so I decided to take some action.

You actually grew up in the city, which seems rare. How many Dubaians are on the DJ scene here?
There are quite a few, but not many. It’s just really tough to make it in this scene, especially if you’re a local DJ, because of all the big names that are around. So it’s not easy to get yourself heard – very few promoters want to take the risk of being the first to invest in a new DJ.

What are your top three tunes at the moment and why?
Steve Mill’s ‘Wipe Out’ is one of my current favourites – it has this really nice build-up that works beautifully in the club. Then there’s Pete Moss’s ‘City Of Lost Souls (Stan Kolev Remix)’, which has this very unusual blend of deep and dark sounds. It’s just very well-produced. Also, there’s Ross Couch’s ‘Playin’ Jazz (Kirby Remix)’. You can never go wrong with that track.

You’ve been producing your own tracks – how’s that going?
It’s actually starting to pick up. I work a lot with [fellow Dubai DJ] JC, who’s a very talented guy and has a good head for music. In my opinion, production is one of the best ways to get noticed. And when you start producing your own sound, you start to develop an ear for talented producers like Steve Mill and Manuel Tur.

How do you make your tracks?
I start out being very picky about which sounds are going to be on the track and then I lay and arrange it properly. Then comes the fun part, which is playing with the effects. It’s so funny how you can make a track out of one loop and lots of effects. Some people think that’s lazy, but honestly I think it’s about how smart you are in manipulating sounds.

What’s your opinion of the Dubai scene in general?
It’s definitely growing, especially when you’ve got Mr Mr, aka Mike Bufton, introducing upcoming talent from all over the world to Dubai through 360° and Alpha. He’s giving clubbers the freshest sound.

Well you would say that. Seriously, though?
Well to be completely honest, the scene was amazing in 2004 when it really started rising and all the international DJs started coming every week. But lately it just feels like a big loop, with the same DJs coming here over and over again

Tell us a secret.
Hernan Cattaneo is my uncle.

Hang on – is that a lie?
Yes! [laughs]

Raxon plays Alpha every Thursday from August 7.

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