Bunny J in Dubai

Seven things you didn't know about Emirati rapper


With his debut single, ‘Fly Away’, due to be released any minute, we sat down with the 21-year-old Emirati rapper to get inside his head.

He’s a UAE national, and his real name is Mohammed Jaffar.
‘My friend started calling me Bunny, then I added J, as in Jaffar, and there it was! It’s a bit camp, but most people seem to like it.’

When he’s not rapping, he’s a full-time policeman. No, really.
‘I graduated from Dubai Police Academy. I am an actual cop, so watch out – I might arrest you if you don’t write nice stuff about me! I wanted to become a cop to help my family. I was broke and needed to do something, and I thought this was a positive choice.’

He met his manager while shopping in Mall of the Emirates.
‘We met in the music equipment section of Virgin Megastore. He saw me and, based on my style, he assumed I was an artist and we started talking. He was looking for local talent for his label, ColdEye, so the timing was perfect for us both. Of course after this, I got the chance to really do what I love and work with professionals to make videos, productions and so on.’

He loves fashion and shopping.
‘As an artist, image is very important: you have to look on point and maybe look a little different sometimes, so you have to have different styles of clothes, jewellery and stuff. There are a few artists I keep in mind when shopping that have the style I like: Ryan Leslie, Jay-Z, J Cole. They keep it clean and simple, not too much bling-bling. There’s no need to show off – let the music speak for itself.’

He’s single – but he’s not afraid of the ladies.
‘Yeah I’m single, and want to mingle. [Laughs] I’m quite okay being single at the moment, trying to focus on my music, but hey, if the right lady comes along, then cool. As far as my ideal woman goes, I think it’s hard to say exactly – it’s more than just looks. It’s got to click on all levels. I’m quite confident, so if I see someone I like, I do my thing.’

He nearly became a pro sportsman.
‘Yeah, I’ve always been kinda sporty – I prefer to play sports, rather than watch them. A lot of my friends were playing handball so they introduced me to the sport and I loved it. I would’ve gone pro, had it not been for a knee injury. It really upset me, but hey, life pulls you in a different direction sometimes, so you’ve got to go with it and accept it.’

He claims to be a very humble guy.
‘I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth, so I do appreciate when things go well. This, I believe, has made me humble. Some people have to force it, but mine is just natural. I’m a calm kind of dude – I don’t get off on putting people down or giving attitude to prove my strength. I don’t have to. And the same people you see on your way up are the same people you see on your way down, so I prefer to keep it cool with people.’
‘Fly Away’ is out now. For more details, see www.coldeyerecords.com

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