Denis A

Tribe gets a Russian infusion this week so sign-up for a club night with a difference as Denis A cruises into town for one night only.

DJ feature

Did you listen to a lot of dance music as a kid?
Not a lot – I was born in the USSR and everything from the West was strictly prohibited. My first contact with dance music was long, long ago, when I heard bands like 2 Unlimited, The KLF and U96. I was shocked. But my tastes developed over time and I’ve been listening to dance music and other music since then.

How did you get into DJing?
I was a fan of dance music, but I decided that I should get a good education and become a businessman before I could get deep into my hobby. After I did that, I just felt like I was ready to do it.

What were you doing before becoming a DJ?
After school I went to a military institute, where I got law and military officer diplomas. I didn’t want to stay in the army, though, so I went on some special courses to become a diamond expert. After that I opened my own jewellery company, Alentieff, and together with my Dubai partner I made it very popular among rich people in many countries. We work with big, rare stones such as diamonds, rubies and emeralds. Each item is unique and some can cost millions of Euros.

Why jewellery?
I was not born in a rich family and lost my father very early, so I want to do something really good and beautiful to make our surname well known. Maybe I will do it, or maybe my children will, but somebody has to make a start.

What’s the Moscow clubbing scene like?
The dance culture in Moscow is growing up. Before, people only liked commercial electro. But now it’s changing and the Moscow crowd is open for good music. Now is the time to show them the right stuff.

People don’t tend to associate Moscow with house. What do you think?
Visitors seem to like Moscow, and for me it’s the most beautiful city in the world. But in my opinion music has nothing to do with country borders. You can create good music everywhere. And Russia has a strong history of composers and musicians

You’re a resident of Es Paradis in Ibiza. How did you get that gig?
A radio station recommended that the owner of the Es Paradis club listen to my set. After he did that, he invited me to be a resident for the 2008 season.

You have one wish and one only. What is it?
Right now I’m doing everything I want, so I will keep my wish for the future.

Tell us the funniest joke you know.
I learned most of what I know on the street. That’s why all the jokes I like aren’t fit for publication. Sorry.

Denis A plays Tribe on August 8.

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