Ben Westbeech

DJ talks about Mick Jagger, bus scams and hooligans.

DJ feature

Tell us about the last… time you had horrible food.
The last time I had horrible food was in Sweden. I ate spaghetti bolognaise at the airport and it was terrible. It cost 20 Euro [Dhs100], which was a lot, and it was the worst I have ever tasted in my life. Do not eat at the airport in Sweden. Sorry to be horrible to Sweden, but at least the girls look gorgeous there.

…time you were inspired by someone.
That was last night actually. I saw the film Cass about Cass Tennant. He was the head of the ICF, which is like the hooligan gang of West Ham, the team that I support. He’s really turned his life around and now he’s the biggest black British writer. It’s inspiring to see someone come from a really hard background and make it.

…time you were impressed and touched by an audience.
I think from my own gigs it was [the English event] The Big Chill festival last year. It was a big live set [with my band] and it was the best we’ve ever played. There were only about 25 people in the field at the start and by the end of the set there were about 3,000 people there.

…time you were embarrassed by yourself.
Oh god. You know what? I got caught without a ticket on a bus. I got dragged off the bus by the police and I just gave in because I didn’t have a ticket and it was really embarrassing. From now on, I’m always going to buy a ticket. I’ve learned my lesson. There was also a pretty girl on there and we were kind of looking at each other just before I got dragged out. That was pretty harsh.

…time you met a celebrity
That was a few weeks ago. I met Mick Jagger in New York because I was doing some parties for Jade Jagger. We had dinner and then we went to a club in New York. He is a really, really nice guy, but it was kind of like just talking to someone’s dad, because he’s just being a dad to Jade. But I was quite weirded out by that. And then Tim Roth, the actor, turned up at the table, as well. I think I was more excited about meeting him. It was a two-in-one celebrity deal.

…time your music touched someone
I tell you what, one of my friend’s dads died recently. I’d written a song called ‘Taken Away From’, which is about my mum dying, and my friend came up to me and he said it helped him get through it. And that’s what it was written to do, you know? To help people when someone’s died. So that was the last time I knew my music had touched someone.

Ben plays Alpha on August 28.

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