Behold The Locus

The Dubai band desperate to 'sell out'. <em>Time Out</em> meets the new band with no plans to stay under the radar as they prepare for their assault on the international scene.

Music feature

We started out as a one-man acoustic thingy when Fabian Martin (who does guitars and vocals) played at Central Perk. He met drummer Mark Feegrade at Dubai Desert Rock Festival and stole him from the death metal band he was in, and then invited in Derek to play bass. We would describe our music as a mish-mash of pop, rock and funk.

Musically Fabian and Mark listen to everything from 80s pop rock to modern day metal, while Derek is more of a 70s rocker-type dude. Our favourite bands as a group would be The Police, Toto and Lamb of God. They don’t really influence our melodies, though – we try to keep as original as we can.

Fabian writes the lyrics and his songs tend to lean towards the positive and humorous – he thinks there’s too much negativity in music today. ‘Ladder’ is about love at first sight, ‘Back To The Future’ is about his school days, ‘Unchanged’ is about the pressures of living in Dubai and ‘She Needs To Know’ is a tongue-in-cheek song about a possessive girlfriend.

The band’s title is purposefully ambiguous because specific band names can often limit you to a genre. We chose the word ‘Locus’ because one of its meanings is ‘location’. Behold The Locus is kind of a nod to Dubai – after all, it has the biggest, fastest, tallest whatnot! We also feel that the city is becoming a major player in music, with many bands from various genres having emerged in a short space of time.

Our main plan right now is to get our EP recorded ASAP and then do as many gigs as we can to promote it. We’re recording eight songs at Cesspool Studios right now – the bass and drum tracks are done and we hope to have it out by the end of August. Apart from the pop/rock/funk sounds, we have some tunes with reggae, jazz and blues flavours. The EP’s working title is 19.09, and the first person to guess the meaning behind that gets Mark’s drum kit.

In terms of ambitions all we really want to do is make it as a band, complimenting each others’ musical styles while constantly improving the quality of our music. But playing alongside some well-known international acts would be awesome too.

We had a blast at The Irish Village when we played the Jump 92 Nights. The crowd was excellent – we didn’t expect them to get into the music, but right from the opening bars we felt their support. Mark was so appreciative that he rewarded them with an impromptu drum solo.

We are not afraid of selling out. In fact, we’re been accused of it before. Fabian used to be in a death metal band that played one gig and then went on hiatus, so the moment we released the first Behold The Locus song, ‘Supergirl’, he was called a sell-out. Promotional work is a two-way street and it helps the artist as much as the sponsor. In our opinion, ‘selling out’ is the underground term for becoming successful, and we welcome it.

In 10 years’ time we want to still be together and delivering awesome music for all genre lovers. But our biggest hope is that in 10 years’ time, people will get the band name right. We always get called ‘Locust’ or ‘Lotus’. It’s Locus, people!

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