On location at Abri's video shoot

Think you've got what it takes to break the music business? Then you will need a music video. <em>Time Out</em> dusts off its video camera and gets some tips from Abri.

Music feature

1 Get in touch with your inner actor, darling.
The effects were easy. You just have to imagine that you’re not stood in front of a great big green screen. It was easy for us because we weren’t too stretched on the acting. If we had to pretend we were in a magical cave it would have been different.’

2 Get your beauty sleep.
‘Don’t stay up late the night before – firstly, it will show on your face and secondly you won’t have the energy. We were at a gig in Abu Dhabi the night before shooting and we spent the first day in a trance. And the second day lasted 18 hours!’

3 Be prepared for things to go wrong.
‘We had these neon lights on the wall that were stuck on with gaffer tape. What we didn’t realise was that the neon lights would heat the glue, so they would fall off the wall. We went through about 15 or 20 of them.’

4 Pack a lunch.
‘On posh video shoots you have caterers, but all we had was a little snack for lunch and that was it. So by the end of the day I was getting hungry and tired. Take a pantry stocked with snacks, fruits, little sandwiches, small things on sticks…’

5 Amuse yourself.
‘Take a book, because you have to hang around in case you’re needed, even if you’re not on camera. It’s a bit like being on a flight – you have to be there for a certain period of time so you have to amuse yourself.’

6 Learn how to put on your own foundation.
‘Our makeup artist didn’t show up but luckily a friend of Hamdan’s stood in and was absolutely fantastic. Things that could have gone wrong…’

7 Surround yourself with cool crewmembers.
‘The director of photography was a guy called Marcus. He was one of the most positive people you could hope to meet. He could chop off his arm and he’d still be smiling because he still had an arm left.’

To see ‘A Piece Of Yourself’, visit www.youtube.com

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