Spooky Steve Darley and his Hallowe'en set

DJ heavyweight Steve Darley talks to <em>Time Out</em> about his career in music so far and his love of the Middle East as he gets ready for a fancy dress special.

DJ feature

You’ll be manning the decks at the All Hallow’s Eve party – what will you be playing?
I’ll be playing deep, tech and minimal house – it’s a hybrid of all these sounds, a real underground, chunky house sound. There’ll be plenty of groove and lots of melody, with a capellas and FX all over the shop and lots of weird-ass noises.

The nights are well-known for quality fancy dress. Are you going to be all dressed up?
I am going to be in costume, but I haven’t decided what I’m going as just yet. I’ll rock up looking suitably freakish, though. At the moment I’m leaning towards maybe being a highwayman.

Headless or dandy?
I’ll take my head off especially for the night.

What else will be happening?
There will be visuals projected on screens, banners, lighting – it’s going to look really nice. It’s a really great space, too, split into three areas, with a separate chill-out area.

Isn’t it rubbish when women just stick on a red dress and some cheap plastic horns and go as devils?
I think they should be making a bit more of an effort than that. Likewise the obvious ones, like witches. But Catwoman’s a good one. I’m always happy to see that Catwoman. It’s always a good look.

You’ve been DJing for 11 years – have you had any disasters in that time?
One night I managed to set the smoke machine on full. We didn’t really notice until all the fire alarms went off and we had to evacuate the club for about 20 minutes. That was a big, big disaster, but luckily everyone came back in and picked up where they left off. They moved the controls after that, ‘for safety’.

Could you have been possessed at the time?
Why not? Seeing as we’re on a Halloween theme…

Have you had any supernatural experiences?
I’ve seen a few UFOs, I’m sure of it! I was travelling back from a club one night in Sheffield, England, and we saw an object, an orange disc, just hanging there in the air. We stopped the car and got out, and watched it moving around, zig zagging like a firefly. Then it stopped and just shot off away from us. That’s the only time, though.

So you believe in weird phenomena?
I’d like to think there are aliens. It would make the world a much more interesting place. That and the paranormal, the unexplained. It’s nice to think it’s all going on out there. It definitely livens things up.

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