Mystery Jets album review



For all their early utensil-banging, proggish quirks, Mystery Jets’ speciality was always songs that bottled the first rush of a romantic crush and didn’t stick around long enough to find out what the girl looked like without make-up. So they’re one of the last bands you’d feel might benefit from shacking up in an old wooden house in Austin TX, pondering religion and demoing songs on the porch of an evening to a listening herd of local deer – even if, four albums in, they’ve more than earned the right.

Happily, if a little bafflingly, Radlands’ wildness is limited to a warmly expansive song inspired by nomadic folkster Cass McCombs, its spiritual enquiries probing little further than a ‘Young Love’-ish number about a nun, while the potentially rambling romance of duet ‘Take Me Where the Roses Grow’ is kept in check by Sophie-Rose Harper’s pristine vocal. Nothing to startle radio listeners, then, though we wouldn’t say as much for those deer.

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