Natalia Kills in Dubai

We speak to UK singer on and playing in the UAE

Natalia Kills in Dubai

You started your career as an actress, what happened?
I thought I was going to be a Hollywood movie star. I got a big break, but it wasn’t what I expected. Playing a character you have no part in creating is not creative enough for me. So I started songwriting.

Apparently you turned down the first time he tried to sign you.
Who writes this garbage! They’ve even got my name wrong on Wikipedia. I didn’t turn Will down, not at all. That’s very funny, I’ll tell him next time I see him – ‘Will, apparently I shot you down, what do you make of that?’

You’ve played Dubai twice now: thoughts?
What’s unusual is that the architecture and lifestyle seem like a constructed paradise – not artificial, because people are living a dream – but constructed. It’s an unusual environment but I find it quite exciting.

Why did you call yourself ‘Kills’?
Just because – some things fit, some things don’t. I could give you a million patronising reasons why that name might be applicable to my personality. ‘Kills’ is the perfect mix of a word and a personality.

Your last single was called ‘Kill My Boyfriend’. Autobiographical?
I had this [partner] who didn’t realise what a good thing he had with me, he was a lucky boy and he [messed] up. There were lots of moments when I could have killed him and it would have made sense. If I had been sent to court the jury would have had lots of empathy for me. He had bad [partner]-ism down to a perfected art form.

So you’re not in touch?
No, I’m quite happy that his life is ruined. Of course he knows the song is about him, although he’s that much of an idiot he might not realise...

Do you have a partner now?
I always have a [partner]. Everyone thinks I’m being sarcastic and charming when I say that – and I am very sarcastic and not at all charming – but I mean it, I always have a [partner].

Tell us about the new album.
It’s nearly finished and I’m so excited, it’s much more personal than the first. It’s my deepest darkest secrets, how I came to be, it’s emotional – but it’s not a confession. [When it comes out] I’m pretty sure the world is going to think I’m a twisted human being.

How old are you?
I’m 25, it’s a wonderful age. In fact it’s my birthday soon and I think I’m going to celebrate my second year of being 25, and skip straight to 27 – 26 is such an insignificant age, 27 is deep and profound. I might stay 25 forever, then I can [see] 25-year-olds forever. When I’m actually 50 I can be like Madonna and [see] 25-year-old men.
Natalia’s new album is out in autumn.

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