Martina Kaiser

Viennese pop star-cum-DJ Martina Kaiser is playing <a href="/bars-and-clubs/reviews/2817">Tamanya Terrace</a> this week.

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Dubai, then. Are you excited?
Yes – this is my first time there and I’m looking forward to it. I’ve heard that you have really nice clubs and you like to party.

We do indeed. What will you be playing on the night?
It’s going to be funky, vocal house, but not commercial tracks. My roots are in electronic stuff – my favourite band was always Depeche Mode – so I like things that are a little bit different. It would say it’s electro, but when people say that they think it’s going to be really underground music and it’s not. I just play what I like and normally it works.

What do you think of people who complain about funky house being really uncool?

If you’re stood there thinking about the music and what genre it is, it’s the wrong attitude to have – you should be there to have a good time. As a DJ, it’s important to develop a fun atmosphere and not let people focus too much on the individual tracks.

What’s your background?
Before I started DJing, I had a radio show and hosted Austria’s version of [British chart show] Top Of The Pops. I also sang in a pop group called Philomena’s Garden. I started DJing very late – only in 2006 – and I always wish I’d started sooner. A guy from Vienna, DJ Wolf, got in contact and said that I’d make a great DJ and he could train me.

Will you be singing as well as DJing?
Sometimes I like to perform – there is an instrumental song by Eric Prydz called ‘Pjanoo’ and the last time I played it, I sang Madonna’s ‘Music’ over it. It really worked well! DJing for me is a performance – it’s not like I’m just hiding behind the decks like so many DJs. I communicate with the audience, and I think that’s what makes it work. And in the future I will also perform my new productions.

What productions are they?
I’m now working with several DJs across the world. I’m releasing a single in November called ‘Seduce Me’ and Erick Morillo’s label is going a remix of it. Being a DJ is easier than pop music – it’s easier to get booked because you don’t have to bring a band with you. And because you get to know lots of other DJs, it’s easier to get your productions played all over the world.

What’s the most memorable gig you’ve had so far?
One of my best gigs was in Manila in The Philippines with two other female DJs. It was the big story of the night simply because there are no female DJs in The Philippines. We had three television teams there, we were broadcast on the national radio and even Playboy turned up to photograph us! And the crowd was going crazy, too. I’m a celebrity in Austria, but nobody’s heard of me in The Philippines, so this was really sensational for me.

Martina Kaiser plays Pink Paw Party at Tamanya Terrace on November 6.

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