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Putting the arty into party at <a href="/bars-and-clubs/reviews/2841">Alpha</a>.

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Summary: Get Spiked. Go! Go! Go!
Get Spiked is a collaboration between Spiky Penguin, the online art community for the UAE, and Electric Motel, an international music portal from OHM Records. It’s a mix of art and music. instead of the regular bling-bling nights, we decided to create a different atmosphere by plastering the whole club with cool art.

So it’s not an art exhibition, then?
It’s like an art exhibition, but not one where you stand there and consider it, it’s more about changing the atmosphere of the club. Like you go, ‘Oh that’s cool,’ and it turns into this big party.

What genres of music will we hear?
I leave that up to the DJs and how the artwork makes them feel. But of our three residents, I know JC loves deep house, Salah plays uplifting house and Raxon is somewhere in-between, so it’s a mix of all those.

There have been a few nights that combine art and music like this – The Strong South, for example, and Just Kidd In…
We’re on our second event now, but when we made our debut, Just Lance from Just Kidd In actually came to the opening. He said he’d done something similar to this and by the middle of the night he said it was actually turning out a lot better. I was very pleased to hear that from him, since he tried to do something similar.

What are your plans for the future?
Once we get the crowds in and the place fills up more, we’re going to have people doing live graffiti on the balcony at the venue, and introduce other kinds of art. I also want to branch out into R&B and hip hop music with another night that has artwork and live breakdancers. But that’s far off now.

Where’s the art from?
For every event, I asked people who have joined the Spiky Penguin website to send their stuff. I asked for funky, groovy digital artworks, something a bit out there, and I got exactly that!

Get Spiked is at Alpha on November 12.

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