Il Divo’s Carlos Marín

We speak to lothario of operatic pop quartet about Dubai gig

Il Divo’s Carlos Marín

It’s hard to classify your music. What do you call it?
I’ve always said we’re like a [petrol bomb] because we’ve got all these different ingredients – and then there’s a huge explosion.

So you fall out a lot?
At the beginning it was difficult. Now, nine years later, it’s amazing we get on so well. Everyone is married now – I was the first to get married and the first to get divorced – and when we go home everyone goes back to their wives, and I go back to my different girlfriends here and there in the world.

So you’re like the daddy of the band?
I’m the oldest one, but I’m no grandpa! I’m 43 and I started singing when I was six, so that’s 37 years on the stage. In that sense I’m definitely more experienced.

There’s one other father figure to Il Divo… When was the last time you spoke to Simon Cowell?
Two years ago. At the beginning when he founded the group he was always saying, ‘Guys, just trust me,’ but now when we’re trying something new we say, ‘Simon, trust us!’ Obviously he has a say in the records, but we’re fighters so it’s not as easy as before. We have little arguments but in the end we always win.

You sound like classical rock stars.
I don’t drink and the only [substances] for me are women – so it’s a good thing I’m single. I love being single right now, I just enjoy myself. You go to so many places and meet so many people around the world. That’s a good thing about being a ‘rock star’.

You must get some stalkers though.
There are many stalkers. They suddenly come out of nowhere – some people just can’t understand that sometimes you want privacy.

Who’s better, Robbie Williams or George Michael?
That’s difficult. George Michael has a fantastic voice, Robbie is a great guy. The first time we got to number one [in 2004] we met Robbie on the red carpet and he said, ‘You’re those guys that knocked me off the charts! [idiots]!’

What do you spend your money on?
Enjoyment. When I go on holiday, I like to stay in the best hotel because I can afford it. Why not?

Which is your favourite hotel in the UAE?
The ones inside the channels in Dubai with the beautiful views…

You mean the Madinat?
Yes. It’s like a fairy tale.

You know Dubai well, then.
We’ve played twice before and I’ve visited three times with girlfriends. I love it – it’s a great, fun, party city.

Any message for our readers?
That I’m the single one – and I’d love the phone numbers of all the beautiful ladies in Dubai.
Il Divo play Dubai World Trade Centre on October 5. Tickets Dhs330-Dhs1,450 and are available from

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