Lazzy Lung in Dubai

Beirut-based quartet to play at The Music Room


Fresh from a trip to record in LA, the Beirut-based quartet are stopping by at The Music Room on Thursday September 27 on a double bill with Atlanta rockers Black Lips. Ahead of the buzz, we heard from 27-year-
old Canadian founder and frontman Allan Chaaraoui.

It might sound silly, but the name is political. Maybe.
‘I moved to Beirut shortly before the war of 2006 and eventually I was evacuated to Jordan. I had very little but my laptop and guitar – the essential tools of survival, really. The whole experience was pretty overwhelming and pretty new for me. There was so much I wanted to say, but never really had a platform or means to reach the many [people]. I had a ‘lazy lung’. It’s a not a light-hearted story and I don’t like being political, or being a downer, but that’s the gist of it. The double Z thing we can save for our next interview.’

They’re an indie band, but they’re touring with the infinitely rockier Black Lips.
‘They are certainly something! A real fun bunch, and I’m a pretty big fan of their work. I used to be in a punk band in my earlier days so I dig their energy, and relate to that vibe. Indie is such a double-edged sword these days. It could just mean that you’re a band that is totally DIY and sounds awesome – or that you’re placed in this genre that is pardoned from good production and presentation because you did it all yourself and didn’t know any better.’

Like Spinal Tap and drummers, they’ve got through a lot of band members.
‘I’m stupefied. It’s been a pretty intense journey for us, kind of like the incline on a really big roller coaster – only imagine that as we climb up, the people not holding on – past band members – keep falling out,which adds to the intensity and overall craziness of things. But luckily there were other people who were willing to hold on tight enough for duration of the ride – the current members. We’ve been prepping ourselves and overcoming a lot of obstacles over time, and have firmly rooted Lazzy Lung into the rock scene that this region has to offer. We’ve had multiple line-up changes, which is always embarrassing, but sometimes necessary.’

The Middle Eastern rock scene is…
‘It’s only recently that companies, groups and people have been investing into local music and arts culture. There wasn’t much to encourage people to do anything other than be a covers band – at least a profitable ambition – and playing shows at your regular staple venues. For the scene to keep growing it really depends on local media, but most importantly bands [need] to keep helping each other out by showing one another the courtesy of exposure and making a scene. If your city doesn’t have a scene, stop complaining and make one. Start a Rock’n’Roll Pizza Party – that’s what we did.’
Lazzy Lung play The Music Room on Thursday September 27, 9pm, Dhs80 advance, Dhs100 on the door. Majestic Hotel Tower, Bur Dubai,

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