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Dubai rockers on release of debut album 'Revolutionize the Revolutionary'


As the Dubai rockers celebrate the release of their debut album, Revolutionize the Revolutionary, with a gig at Hard Rock Café on Wednesday October 3, we found out more from 39-year-old Indian lead singer Nikhil Uzgare.

It’s music with a message.
‘We believe that music without a message is synonymous to food without nourishing ingredients in it. In the past few years, the world has been torn apart with war, violence, corruption and a host of social evils that have eroded the fabric of culture and society. Every song on the album talks about hope and uses instances from history to create a learning curve for the next generation. “Set Me Free” talks about soldiers wasted in proxy wars, “Shades of Love” talks about how love sees no shade, colour, caste or human creed. “Déjà vu” talks about the effect of terrorism on the taxpaying common man’s life, while “Chainsaw” talks about how we live life on the edge in order to fulfil our materialistic needs.’

They all hail from different musical paths.
‘The band was formed in 2006. I met [guitarist] KV in very odd circumstances: he was supposed to help us out as a session guitar player, but ended up joining us. Royden is a classically trained guitar player who was tired of his corporate life as a finance professional in the US and moved back to Dubai to pursue what he loved most, which was music. Chiro’s story is a scam – he’s an accomplished drummer and has toured with various artists all over the world. He relocated with his family to Dubai and was looking to play gigs. We fooled him by telling him that Point of View will make him rich. He’s still waiting. [Bassist] Shak met me on Facebook and we just got along, then didn’t look back.’

They have a high-profile fan in Guns N’ Roses guitarist Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal – who will play with them at their album launch.
‘Thanks to this thing we call the internet, I’ve met some amazing people. Ron features in the top ten. I haven’t seen a more down-to-earth celebrity guitar player in my life – I call him “Humblefoot”.’

But there’s some things they don’t talk about…
‘We don’t discuss [Guns N’ Roses singer] Axl! Hah! We speak about music mainly. It was during one of those conversations that I asked him to come down to our album launch. He not only offered to come down, but also said he’d play with us. It took quite some time to believe it was happening, to an unknown band like us in Dubai.’

Pop fans are ‘aliens’.
‘On a daily basis I meet the local aliens who worship gods like Guetta, Nicki Minaj, Flo Rida, One Direction, Lil Wayne and the like. All I can say to my friendly aliens is: if you want to shake up your soul with some hard-
hitting, edgy, raunchy yet meaningful music, ask your folks to buy you a Point of View album. It’s not as expensive as Best of Lil Wayne… does Lil Wayne have a best of?’
Point of View’s album launch is on Wednesday October 3 at 8pm, Dhs100. Hard Rock Café, Festival City (04 232 8900), www.pointofviewonline.net.

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