apl.de.ap at Nasimi in Dubai

We catch up with Filipino-American Black Eyed Peas member


What are you up to, apl?
I’m in the Philippines. I just finished cutting the ribbons for some of the schools I’ve built. I was adopted as a kid from here and given the opportunity to come to New York and become a Black Eyed Pea.

Where do you think you’d be without the adoption?
I’d probably still be farming with my family. It would probably be really hard for me growing up in the Philippines. It was tough.

Do you have any message for your Filipino fans in Dubai?
That I send my love. I know what they’re going through to be away from their families to make a living. It’s tough. I want to send a message that I’m proud of them and the sacrifice they’re making for their families.

So what’s going on with The Black Eyed Peas ‘hiatus’?
Right now we’re doing our own individual stuff. Every two albums we take a break. We’ve been on tour since 1988 so some of us want to handle some personal stuff.

So you still hang out?
Definitely. Me and Will (Peas’ lead singer will.i.am) are like the single ones, we’re the party people. Every city we perform at we like to go out and experience the city and what people are like.

So what do you think of Dubai’s nightlife?
In 2006 we did a show and went out clubbing – I was pretty surprised. I saw a lot of hot girls. Hopefully I’ll get to see some more this time.

How do you get a black eye?
Wow. That’s funny. You could get a black eye if you’re [pestering] a girl or something. Yeah, she might give you a black eye.

What’s the worst thing about being famous?
For me it’s when you’re in the bathroom and people are like ‘Black Eyed Peas!’ and trying to shake your hand. I’m like: ‘Not in the bathroom! You gotta wash your hands!’

Who’s the cleverest celebrity you’ve ever met?
I would say Russell... what’s his name? Russell Brand. That guy’s funny, man.

And the worst dressed?
I don’t know. [But with] Lady Gaga I always think ‘what’s going on there?’

Who would you like to work with next?
Chuckie, Laidback Luke, and Calvin Harris.

So, your 2009 album The E.N.D. did better than the 2010 follow-up The Beginning. What can we expect from ‘the middle’?
Ha! You already know the title! The Middle is going to be like a reunion.

It’s not actually called The Middle, is it?
I might suggest it, say it came from some interview.

Okay, Time Out names The Black Eyed Peas next album? We like it.
No problem.
apl.de.ap plays at Nasimi Beach on Thursday November 1, 6pm-2am. Tickets Dhs165 from www.timeouttickets.com.

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