DJ Antoine in Dubai

Million-selling Swiss DJ at White X Beach & Lounge in Dubai


What are you doing in Dubai?
I’m having a small vacation, and we had a video shoot for my next single. We’ve shot in New York, Florence, Paris – and in Dubai. It’s a great song about the beautiful scenes that happen in life, so we shot in the desert around Dubai, which is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

You’ve been here more times than we can count.
It’s almost 40 times. I first came when there weren’t a lot of buildings. Dubai is growing and growing – it’s crazy.

We hear there were some problems on your last visit, when you played a festival last October.
That wasn’t really the best visit to Dubai. I fell off the stage and ended up in hospital. That wasn’t a very nice time. We did our show: I fell down [where the stage lift should have been]. There was no gift and no cake for me at the end of it to relieve my pain.

Did you at least meet any other cool acts that day?
When I came offstage I went straight to hospital, so I missed the after-party. On the plane back to Paris I spoke to SkyBlu from LMFAO – he was cool and we swapped business cards. I spoke to Erick Morillo, who didn’t get to play because there was a problem with the order.

You’ve really gone worldwide in the past two years. What happened?
In the beginning I was really focused on Switzerland. In 2010 I decided to go worldwide – to make my music international. Since then my bookings come more and more from around the world, and my Facebook profile has got bigger and bigger – it rose from 50,000 fans to 1.5 million in one and a half years.

How has your life changed along the way?
I have less time for my private things. Normally I’d have a three-week holiday without a mobile phone – now I have two days in Dubai. But if you want that success, you have to be available.

Don’t you want a step back?
I don’t want to take a step back – I want to make it further. I still want to have a number one in America, in England, in Asia. I’ve had 100 million online views for my single – I want 200 million for the next one and I want it to be on the biggest blockbuster movie.

Your biggest-selling album is called Jealousy. What makes you jealous?
If you have too much jealousy, you can’t focus on what you’re doing. I worked on [2011 record] ‘Welcome to St Tropez’: it was a revolution. A lot of people have copied it; I wasn’t jealous, I was [angry]. You have to say ‘we did something – they made money.’ [Then I have to get over it].
DJ Antoine plays on Thursday January 31, tickets Dhs150. White X Beach & Lounge, Rixos The Palm,

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