Fergie in Dubai

Ex-Black Eyed Peas front woman and successful solo star Fergie spills her secrets to <em>Time Out</em> before her Dubai gig this weekend.


You were going to play here with Mariah Carey in the spring but the gig got cancelled. What happened?
Originally I was supposed to play with her on, I think, October 10 [2007] but she had to reschedule. They decided to change the dates so that we could perform together but then I got a film part [in the upcoming musical Nine] and they just had to reschedule again. But I don’t like to cancel shows unless I’m super, super sick, so I made sure I could come back this year.

Though you’re still in The Black Eyed Peas, you seem to be more successful with your solo stuff. Do you bully them about it? You should.
It wouldn’t be productive for our environment. We encourage each other positively; we want success for each and every one of us, because it’s all for the greater good and we all love each other.

So you’re a good girl, then? No teasing at all?
I’ll play pranks. If they’re at a club and I’m not, I’ll cover their rooms in toilet paper. Or if we’re at an overnight stop on the tour bus and there’s snow outside, and someone who’s been hassling me is asleep, I’ll throw a snowball on them. I’ve got a few people with that one. And they’ll tease me, but it’s all brother-sister stuff.

You used to play Charlie Brown’s sister in The Charlie Brown And Snoopy Show. Did seeing those cartoon kids tormenting each other put you off children for life?
I was a kid when I was doing it, it was a real honour. And to be doing [TV] movies like Flashbeagle was huge for me because it was based on the movie Flashdance and I loved that. I never connected those two thoughts.

Erm, so do you want kids?
I definitely want to have children. Yeah!

Won’t that affect your career?
Look at Gwen Stefani, look at Christina Aguilera – you incorporate it into your lifestyle. I’ll have to make sure that the child comes first, but I think it can be done. And I can have help with my pranks. People have said I’m pregnant a million times.

How come?
I fluctuate in weight. Three pounds and it goes to my stomach, they get a picture of it and think I’m pregnant. It’s not just me though – they do it to a lot of girls these days.

That must be horrible.
I’ve become almost numb to it. At first I would cry, but as years went by I saw it happening to everybody. Now I realise that we’re all very blessed to be in this wonderful business, but one of the downfalls is that you put yourself out there so you have to develop a really thick skin. Luckily I have a really good therapist [laughs].

Hollywood therapy, eh? That’s glamorous.
Well it’s not ‘Hollywood therapy’. It’s normal – I want to be clear.

OK, sure.
She’s not a Hollywood therapist. I just want to make clear that we’re sure about that.

Right, OK, no worries.
Sometimes things get written and I say, ‘I did not say that she was a Hollywood therapist,’ so I just want to make that clear.

I don’t even know what a Hollywood therapist is! I just said it off the top of my head.
My therapist is fully qualified. She’s amazing. She’s helped me be able to balance my life in the chaotic world of touring. It’s important to keep normality. It definitely keeps things light and fun.

One last question: you, Stacy ‘Fergie’ Ferguson, vs Duchess Of York, Sarah ‘Fergie’ Ferguson in a straight-up fight for the true Fergie title. Who goes down first?
Oh, she’s the OG! I’m just the junior. I would never ever strike the Duchess. I’d probably be shot. We did something together for her children’s charity. She roasted me a little bit but it was very funny. I love her, though, she’s a doll – so charming and witty and very smart. She said hi to all my crew guys. They were amazed by how real she is.

Fergie plays Dubai Media City on November 14. Tickets Dhs295-Dhs995 from www.timeouttickets.com

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