Set sail for fun at sea

We join a Dubai night cruise for a party aboard Caseta cruise.

A life on the ocean wave, that’s what we like. The sea breeze in our hair, the sail flapping in the breeze, the sound of a DJ mixing up a storm… Yes, you read that right: the new Caseta Cruise, which will set sail each Saturday from Dubai Marina Yacht Club, is combining sailing and song for hours of water-bound fun.

That said, our own cruise started off with a brief moment of disappointment when a little yacht picked us up from the dock. Not that there’s anything wrong with little yachts – we’d be lucky to afford a pedalo, to be honest – but this seemed a little anticlimactic. Happily, that yacht was a prelude to the real Caseta boat: a 78-foot catamaran with DJ decks, a barbecue, seating and tables, and a pile of beanbags upfront, suspended over the water by rubber-mesh trampolines.

After resisting the urge to jump up and down on the trampolines like sugar-crazed toddlers (despite their name, we were told, they weren’t for bouncing), we pulled up a beanbag and started to take in the view. A good fit for tourists as well as locals, the Caseta Cruise heads out from Dubai Marine Yacht Club (near JBR) and takes in the bigger part of Dubai’s coastline, including everyone’s favourite elephantine aquarium, Atlantis.

The cruise takes a good three or so hours, which gives the catamaran’s party-happy crowd plenty of time to chow down on the all-inclusive food and drinks, mingle with each other, and dance to the music provided by DJs Mr Mr, Kristian Valdini and Just Lance, who’ll play a heady mix of house, hip hop, R&B and more. And the night doesn’t end when the cruise does; at about 8.30pm, the catamaran will touch down on the beach at Barasti, allowing the boating boys and girls to step straight onto the sand and walk up to their reserved tables to continue the party.

Frankly, the whole thing is such a good idea, we just wish we’d come up with it first. Hmm, there’s an idea. How does a pedalo cruise sound?

Time Out at sea

If you want to get in on the boat party buzz, here’s how to get other Time Out sections on the water.

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Consume: Jimmy Choo’s Shoes Cruise
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Body & Mind: Pilates Of The Caribbean
Exercise your mind and body with this sunny health cruise. Discounts for those with hooks or peg legs. Parrots should be left at the door. Because Pilates relies on heavy breathing, those with scurvy are kindly asked not to participate.

Sport: Rugby Seven Seas
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The first Casteta Cruise takes off from Dubai Marina Yacht Club on Nov 22. Email for more details.

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