Where can I find a DJ class in Dubai?

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Do you by any chance know if there is an institute that offers DJ classes or courses for beginners? Asim

Good news, Asim! By an act of spooky synchronicity, Dubai’s own Ohm Records and Electric Motel are in the process of starting not only a DJing course, but also a dance music production one too. The DJing course will be hosted by Dan Price, a chap who is, we are assured, ‘an experienced club DJ and tutor,’ having played at clubs, bars and festivals throughout the UK. Meanwhile Ihmsen Dannenberg, an India-based producer whose recent work includes composing tracks for the show Get Gorgeous on Channel [V], will be hosting the production side of things.

Aspiring turntablists or mixmasters will be able to improve their manual decksterity in a 10-week series of classes, with one lesson per week. The lessons will cover all aspects of DJing, allowing individuals to discover which styles work best for them, and additional practice times can be organised outside of lesson hours. Meanwhile, budding producers will have two lessons a week over the course of 10 weeks, covering beat structuring, sequencing and FX work, and will cover all genres of dance. It also comes in both beginner and intermediate levels.

At the end of the course, candidates can enter a competition to win Ohm Records vouchers. Additionally, DJ course members over 21 will be given the opportunity to play in a club or warm up for an international DJ, while suitable production course bods will have their music played by the local media.

Courses are scheduled to start in December, so if you reckon you’ve got what it takes to become the next big DJ or producer, ring Ohm Records on 04 397 3728 or e-mail

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