DJ Suecide in Dubai

Wu-Tang clan associate prepares for Music Room gig in Dubai

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A Wu-Tang Clan associate known for touring with RZA, Raekwon and Masta Killa, Rob Garratt met the Dutch DJ, 37, ahead of a gig at The Music Room.

What are you up to?
Right now I’m in school giving a DJ class. This is my fifth year, I do it when I’ve got time. There are no gigs on Tuesdays – so I mostly do them then.

How are your students?
There’s one student, he’s only 15, and he’s been rated the 12th best in the Netherlands. Joshua J – check him out.

Aren’t you scared your students will outshine you?
No – I have a work ethic, and these kids are motivated. I’ve been [DJing] 27 years, I’m not afraid of that, that’s how it goes. There’s a new generation at play now.

You’re playing a Wu-Tang tribute set in Dubai – where did you get the idea from?
It started from friends of mine. It’s a celebration of it being 20 years ago that Wu-Tang really got into the scene. In these times people are missing the funk and soul vibe. I miss that in the clubs. Now you got trap, you got dance, no one’s really on that feel-good vibe. But hip-hop is the thing. If you look at the ’90s stuff, you’ve got serious beats you don’t get these days.

So how did you get hooked up with the Clan?
That’s a story! It started all with Cilvaringz – he really wanted to connect with them, to be part of Wu-Tang was his dream. A lot of people around him told him that’s not possible, because he’s from the Netherlands, and they’re from the States. When Wu-Tang came to the Netherlands they had a freestyle session and they invited Cilvaringz on stage – he’s a small guy with glasses, but they let him go on last – and he nailed it.

And then what?
After the show they wanted to talk to him, but that didn’t happen until a few years later. When we flew out to New York I was just supporting my friend, I was just there as a DJ for him – and I wound up DJing for the whole tour. What I didn’t know is that RZA’s backup noticed what we were doing – and RZA said ‘why don’t you come DJ with me?’ From 2002-2011 I toured every year with Wu-Tang [members].

How did it feel?
It felt strange – I had all their music, all their work, and they accepted me as family. When they come out to Europe, they expect to meet me there. Beretta 9 – I’m godfather to his son.

Explain your DJ name.
I come from a time when everyone in hip-hop wanted a hard name – being a hip-hop DJ you do battles, so you need a name like ‘if you mess with me, you’re committing suicide’. Only I spell it a little different.

Do you think there’ll ever be another Wu-Tang album?
Eventually. I don’t know how they’re going to do it. But they want to do it. Eventually the Wu-Tang always come around.
DJ Suecide plays at The Music Room, Majestic Hotel Towers, on Friday June 7, 9pm. Dhs100 (04 359 8888).

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