2Unlimited in Dubai

Dutch Eurodance duo on fame, music and success

Interview, Hot seat

The Dutch Eurodance duo behind floor-filler ‘No Limit’ recently flew in for a gig at Cavalli Club. Rob Garratt caught up with Ray Slijngaard and Anita Doth.

Apart from the gig, what have you been doing in Dubai?
Just partying, shopping.

Those are the two things Dubai’s said to be very good at. Where?
At Cirque Le Soir, and Dubai Mall. It’s cool.

It’s reported online you’ve sold 18 million records...
I’d say 22 million...
A: ...and we keep counting. There’s also more than 50 million compilations with one of our tracks on.

Sounds like a nice earner. So why did you guys reform?
We like to perform, in 2009 we came back [together] and we had 44,000 people in Belgium [come to see us]. We looked at each other and were like ‘hey, come on, let’s go’.
A: And there isn’t anything else I can do anyway [laughs].

But there was a different 2 Unlimited line-up performing your songs.
Our producer started [again] with two girls, but it was not so successful.

It must have been weird to watch other people play you.
Yeah it was.
A: I didn’t actually watch it.

I think in live shows they were [miming] to our songs?
A: That must be stupid. That must be hard for them.

Was their new material as good as yours?
A: I don’t think it had anything to do with the 2 Unlimited sound, which was good because then people saw that we actually had an influence and that our writing skills had something to do with the success as well.

What direction are you going in with your new material?
Our voices make the 90s sound, so it doesn’t matter what we sing to, our voices make people think about the 90s.

Okay. So where’s the weirdest place you’ve heard your music played?
All over, from Australia to Dubai.
A: This afternoon we were by the pool and this guy had a phone playing music – and our music came on. I had to say to him ‘this is my song’, and he didn’t even believe it...

When you reformed, you used the name Ray & Anita. Why?
Until two years ago, we couldn’t use the [2 Unlimited]name. A little legal battle.

You must have been angry.
It all comes down to the songs and we were able to perform the songs.

Of course. So how much longer will you keep this up?
Definitely for another two years. We’re in the studio now, so you never know – maybe we [will] write a hit record. We’re happy, we’re doing our thing.

Now, it’s said you were a couple back in the 90s...
Yeah we were. Back in the old days we didn’t say it – it was something private.

That must have been tough, working together 24/7.
That was a bit of a pain [laughs].

Did any of that come out in the music?
That probably added to it. There’s always been chemistry between us...
R: But now we’re more like brother and sister.

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