Jody Wisternoff spins into 360°

Way Out West star, Jody Wisternoff, stops for a chat en route to 360°.

DJ feature

Tell us about the last time…
…you were terrified.
It was a couple of days ago, actually, when I was coming back from a gig. The pilot came into Heathrow [airport, in London] at a ridiculous angle and I spent about five seconds in terror. I’m never scared of flights but I wasn’t really awake, and I was like, ‘Oh God, this is the one!’ I kissed the rainy tarmac when I stepped off there. It was Heaven.

…you met a celebrity fan.
Well Janet Jackson really likes ‘Way Out West’. I’d get in touch, but she’s a bit scary now isn’t she? I’m waiting for Natalie Portman to come along and tell me she’s a fan, actually. But to meet the celebs you have to hang around in LA, and if you do that for too long you end up having bad plastic surgery.

…you hurt yourself.
Actually, that was the last time I was truly terrified. It was after a gig in Slovenia in the summer of 2006. I was playing a track that hadn’t been properly mastered. I turned the volume up to a ridiculous level but I forgot it was up there and proceeded to play the rest of my set like that. The next day I heard this ringing in my ears that got louder and louder over the months. It was really bad tinnitus. I was terrified, but it’s going down now, two years later. Seriously, everyone should get proper musicians’ earplugs when they’re out in a club. It makes the music sound tons better, too.

…you licensed out your music.
There was a song in Grey’s Anatomy – that helped recoup the cost of our last tour, because we hired a tourbus and a band. We’re just going back to the DJ vibe for the next one. It was fun, but we just didn’t have time to prepare. Real rock bands rehearse for years – we only rehearsed for a month and after that we were rehearsing on stage every night for everyone to hear. It’s just not very kind to the public.

…you laughed out loud.
My girl, Poppy, is just starting trying to crawl. It’s really funny. She flips onto her belly and starts pushing along with her feet. But she hasn’t worked out that she’s got to pull herself along with her arms, so they’re just flailing behind while her legs go ballistic. It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Having a kid is amazing. You love your family and you love your woman and you love your friends, but you love your kid in a completely different way. And you look down into her eyes… and they’re your eyes as well! Crazy.

…you thought about the future.
More than ever before these days, because I’ve got a little person relying on me. And the planet’s in a pretty strange shape, really. I saw a talk where a scientist was saying that over the last 50 years the changes have been unprecedented and if it continues like it is now, the planet’s going to burn out. But there’s nothing I can do about that except chill and make music, know what I mean?

Jody Wisternoff plays Audio Tonic at 360° on November 28

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