Rugby 7s DJs

We take a peek at the line-up for this weekend's Rugby 7s party.

DJ feature

What is Ssshh Disco?
Created as a way to let people party in the woods without freaking out animals (seriously) Ssshh Disco – known elsewhere as ‘silent disco’ – sees every visitor being equipped with a radio headset that can be tuned into one of two radio bands. Controlling these bands are two DJs, so that the clubbers can choose which jockey they want to side with on the night. Or they can take off the headphones and watch a dancefloor full of people jumping up and down in absolute silence…

James Clar Versus: Salah Sadeq (Nov 28)

Music genres:
I grew up in Chicago and New York so house is in my blood. I like stuff with a beat, energy and melodies – ‘dancing in a warehouse’-type stuff. It’s different from the ‘champagne house’ you generally get here – more grime and street.
Top three tunes right now:
Glass Candy – ‘Computer Love’
Richard Bartz – ‘Diamond Girl’
Mr Oizo – ‘Jo’

Why should the audience tune into your station?
Because my music makes you get crazy on the dancefloor!

Trash talk Salah!
Salah and I both work at Traffic Gallery, so the trash-talking started way before this event. Get ready for the ultimate showdown of good vs evil. But which is which? We have no idea! Still, you can be sure that sparks will fly and booties will shake!

Salah Sadeq Versus: James Clar (Nov 28)

Music genres:
I usually play a range – deep house, minimal, deep tech, techhouse and techno… but come November 28 it’s no holds barred. Anything goes!

Top three tunes right now:
Afefe Iku – ‘Mirror Dance’
Camille – ‘Ta Douleur (Henrik Schwarz Vocal Remix)’

Why should the audience tune into your station?
It’s only natural to follow the best vibe. And my hair!

Trash talk James!
‘Salah And The Electronic Boogie Band’ is going to get the crowd dancing all over James ‘Can’t Mix It’ Clar!

Da:Funct Versus: Rude Larry (Nov 28)

Music genres:
Hip hop, soul, funk, indie, electro, mashups, B-more, breakbeat, drum ’n’ bass and positively no R&B.

Top three tunes right now:
Shirley Ellis – ‘Soul Time’
Datarock vs James Brown – ‘Fa Fa Fa Good’
White Stripes – ‘Seven Nation Army (Digitalism remix)’

Why should the audience tune into your station?
What’s not to love about a mix of Northern soul and funk, upbeat indie, remixes of cool tunes, a sprinkling of hair-raising mashups and some trademark indie-electro bangers? Plus I won’t play The Ting Tings over and over and over again like Larry. I think he fancies the one with glasses.

Trash talk Rude Larry!
You’re going down, so called ‘Rude Larry’. You’ve got two hopes and Bob is dead. I’ve got that cream for you by the way. I reckon you should be good to sit down soon.

Rude Larry Versus: Da:Funct (Nov 28) and Mark Evans (Nov 29)

Music genres:
Indie-electro, breaks, house, indie and drum ’n’ bass.

Top three tunes right now:
I get four tunes ’cause I’m playing twice!
Gorillaz – ‘Feel Good Inc. (Stanton Warriors remix)’,
The Klaxons – ‘Gravity’s Rainbow (Van She Remix)’
The Whip – ‘Trash’
Ben Westbeech – ‘Feel So Good Today’

Why should the audience tune into your station?
Just take a quick look at my competition. I might be mildly concerned by these tarts if I didn’t have a set of quality electro, with an accessible selection of drum ’n’ bass for when the massive want to take it to the next level.

Trash talk Mark Evans and Da:Funct!
Mark’s an easy target – all I have to do is mess his hair up a bit and question his choice of clothes before we go on and he will spend the next hour sorting himself out. Job done. Da:Funct’s more difficult, but I can just tell him that Juno Records has posted a mashup of Britney Spears, ABBA and Guns ’N’ Roses and he’ll spend his set trying to download it. Piece of cake.

Mark Evans Versus: Rude Larry (Nov 29)

Music genres:
I’ll be playing indie. Although I may throw in some cheeky electro just to mess with Larry’s head.

Top three tunes right now:
Kings Of Leon – ‘Sex On Fire’
The Killers – ‘Human’
Rage Against The Machine – ‘Killing In The Name Of’

Why should the audience tune into your station?
Indie’s the future. I’ve tasted it.

Trash talk Rude Larry!
Larry’s the type of person who puts an empty milk carton back in the fridge and eats your bread. I’ve seen it happen. He was the beard on the grassy knoll, the man who suggested salik and he’s busy telling everyone how Harry Potter dies. We must destroy him for the good of mankind.

Mach4 Versus: Markus Intalex (Nov 29)

Music genres:
Breaks and drum ’n’ bass.
Top three tunes right now:
Spectrasoul – ‘Alibi’
Plump DJs – ‘Shifting Gears (Stanton Warriors Remix)’
Calibre – ‘Sokitome’

Why should the audience tune into your station?
They won’t have a choice. I’m going to pull the plug on the other DJ booth transmitter ’cause I’m in charge of setting the Ssshh Disco system up. Oops, did I say that out loud?

Trash talk Markus Intalex:
Techno Schmechno! ‘No, no/No, no, no, no/No, no, no, no/No, no, there’s no limit!’ Whatever, buddy.

Markus Intalex Versus: Mach4 (Nov 29)

Music genres:

Top three tunes right now:
Jim Rivers – ‘Club 69’
Spooky – ‘Candy’
Nathan Fake – ‘The Sky Was Pink’

Why should the audience tune into your station?
Breaks and drum ’n’ bass are for spotty teens and college drop-outs with no social skills and an attention deficit disorder. All the breaks and drum ’n’ bass DJs I have met are at least twice the crowd’s age – and generally half as intelligent.

Trash talk Mach4:
I’ve had the unfortunate experience of siting through a Mach4 set for an hour myself. The only time I got out of my seat was to leave the club. It was that bad.

Charl Chaka Versus: Smokingroove (Nov 29)

Music genres:
Boompty-boom-bump-funk-slap-your-momma house music.

Top three tunes right now:
These are normally the next three tunes I’m going to play.

Why should the audience tune into your station?
House music for the body, mind and soul. How can you not? Plus I’m secretly going to unplug Smokingroove’s cable so there will only be one channel to tune into.

Trash talk Smokingroove!
Mr Smokingroove, we’ve come along way son, but I’m taking you out. I’m gonna be doing my tune styling with Zulu precision. Bring it!

Smokingroove Versus: Charl Chaka (Nov 29)

Music genres:

Top three tunes right now:
Mastiksoul – ‘Rap Das Armas’
Smokingroove – ‘So Ghetto’ [Cheat! – nightlife ed]
Mastiksoul – ‘Bora Bora (Jason Tregebov Remix)’

Why should the audience tune into your station?
Because my grooves are smokin’...

Trash talk Charl Chaka!
Nah. Me and Charl go way back, so I won’t show him up too much. I couldn’t bear to watch him spin with a tear in his eye!

Ssshh Disco is at The Rugby Sevens November 28 and 29

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