The last time with DJ Ammol

He might be new to the scene, but Keva resident DJ Anmol has had his fair share of excitement.

DJ feature

When was the last time... did something daring?
Well I’m not really adventurous, but it must have been earlier this year, just two months after I started DJing. It was in the main room of The Apartment – I was only supposed to DJ for an hour but the guy after me never showed up, so I had to play the entire set. I was worried because I thought I barely knew how to DJ. I really shocked myself though. It was definitely something I won’t forget. got IDed at a club?
Actually, I still get IDed! It was two weeks ago at Chi. I was like, ‘Are you being serious?’ and his reaction was just like, ‘Dude you look 12!’ It was really funny though, because none of the girls I was with got IDed. It was just me… broke a bone?

To be honest I’m always indoors. Kind of boring really. I guess when I was really little I probably broke a bone climbing a tree or something…

...someone recognised you in public?
I’m not that famous, but people have come up to me and said they like my music while I was DJing at Keva hated Dubai?
I think over the past year when I realised how bad the traffic has become. People don’t know how to drive. It’s driving me absolutely nuts! cried over a movie?
The Green Mile. I don’t usually cry at movies, but this one was just so unexpectedly emotional with the whole prison scenario and the way one guy gets executed… Yeah, just very emotional. talked to an old friend?
About a month ago this guy sent me a message on Facebook saying, ‘Do you remember me from fifth grade? I really like your music.’ I remembered that I did know him, and that we actually had a huge argument when we were little. But now that he likes my music it doesn’t really matter.

...tried something new?
A few weeks ago I tried some random food. My friend took me to Der Keller at Jumeirah Beach Hotel and we had German food. It was pretty decent. I’m not saying it’s something I’d have on a regular basis, but at least the menu was in English.

DJ Anmol is the resident at Keva

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