Ace Hood: 'I'll be running the game'

US rapper on Lil Wayne and hit 'Bugatti'


Following a live performance at Movida, the rapper chats about Bugattis, working with Lil Wayne and his plans of global domination with Peter Feely.

Before you became a rapper you were an American footballer...
Football was one of my first loves – the only thing I thought I would do in life was sport. But I injured my knee. With my injury the doctors were telling me it was a jumper’s knee and that there was water in my knee. Later we learnt that it wasn’t and for the position that I played, every time I would play I would have to use ice packs and my knee was swollen. I kinda lost the love for it after a while, so I started on music.

What’s your musical taste?
I grew up in the South so I grew up listening to a lot of Southern cats.

I hear you were signed by Lil Wayne after you approached him with your music outside a radio station...
Yeah, I ran up on him. It was totally spontaneous, like me and you sitting here now and saying, ‘hey let’s go sky diving off a building’. It’s just something we decided to do at that moment and it worked.

What advice did he give you when you worked with him?
Just to stay focussed and never give up and keep working. I’ve watched Wayne grow up in this industry and to be able to work with him is an honour to me. And most importantly, he told me to
just keep being me.

How do you make your music?
It all depends on my mood and the events and experiences I’ve been through or seen. When it comes to creativity I’m weird. I like to be alone and I need a thought process. I like to collaborate with different people though.

Your biggest hit is ‘Bugatti’ – do you own one?
I’m actually buying one now. When I created the song I didn’t have one. I have to buy one. I’ll probably drive it on Sundays to church.

What’s coming up next?
Next year I’m going to expand my brand. That’s what I’m focused on now: continue to touch my fans. I’ve got my overseas tour going on (Dubai’s the first city). I’ve got a clothing line coming out so I’m working on that. I’ve also got a new mixtape coming out [free internet music] on my website.

What do you make of Dubai?
It’s my first trip to Dubai and I love it – the women, culture. It’s beautiful. It’s weird but I like weird – I live in Miami.

Who would you like to work with in the future?
I’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of different artists but I’d love to work with Jay Z. I’ve listened to his new album [Holy Grail] – I love it – it’s good music.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I’ll be running the game – running the hip-hop scene – and continuing to expand my brand and just make it the biggest ever. I see my brand on clothing and on billboards in New York city.

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