Diva behaviour at C-Bar

Practice your pouts and glam yourself up, because Diva is coming to town. Organiser Justin Wright struts his stuff.


Apparently, ‘Diva throws parties, not events’ – what does that mean?
I think a lot of the events being put on in the UAE are pretty boring to say the least – they don’t have that real party vibe. It shouldn’t be about being seen in a cool place, it should be about letting your hair down with your mates in an environment where everyone is just having it! So instead of moaning, I thought I would get off my high horse and do something about it. And just like that, Diva was born. We started out in Abu Dhabi a year ago and I still haven’t heard any complaints.

Why’d it take so long to come here?
For me, it’s all about timing. A lot of people were fighting over the same venues in Dubai at the time, so I concentrated on Abu Dhabi until more venues opened, then I went and found the best one for us. I believe in letting things grow organically, just guiding them in the right direction. Diva will grow and grow and suddenly smack clubland in the face!

What’s that about the venue?
Our new home is the intimate C-Bar at the Al Murooj Rotana Hotel. It’s an absolute gem of a place and one of Dubai’s hidden secrets, with low ceilings and a great sound system. When it goes off in there, I feel there is no better venue in the city.

If the night is for divas, does that mean we have to be selfish and mean to everyone?
No not at all – there are enough of those places already! You won’t find any of our divas being horrible to anyone, they just want to party. Everyone is welcome to the Diva nights. It’s all about good music and smiling faces.

Is the dress code for Diva suitably fancy and glamorous?
Our fans are some very sharp dressers and very attractive people indeed, but I think people know that with Diva they have to step it up a bit anyway. Our crowd are the most gorgeous party animals ever and we feel very proud to have them with us.

What kind of music can we expect on the night?
In Abu Dhabi I used the very best DJs from Dubai, but because nobody’s done a real house night out there I kept it quite commercial. Now that we’re in Dubai with a much more responsive crowd, I know Diva can be how it was always meant to be. I have no music policy except bloody good music delivered by DJs at the top of their game. When you come to Diva there is one thing that is set in stone: you will have a damn good time! Nobody who has come so far will tell you any different.

What’s the most Diva-esque thing you’ve ever done?
When I was about four or five, I used to get up in the morning, go downstairs to breakfast and then pretend to have a heart attack on the kitchen floor in an attempt to get a day off school. Trouble was, I used to hold my leg while trying to convince mother my heart was stopping. She never believed me

Diva is at C-Bar every Sunday night

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