Mile High club

Want to live the high life? Then buckle up as captain (and DJ) Mark Pickup prepares this new night for takeoff at Lotus One.

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So tell us about The Mile High Club.
It’s a sexy, fun, hedonistic house, with a fancy-dress theme – an aeronautical one – to add a bit of flavour to the night. It’ll be packed with the best house music, from funky house up to vocal and electro house – definitely lady-friendly, with loads of energy.

There was a Mile High Club at Chi earlier this year – is this night any relation to that one?
No, Chi only did it this spring, but I’ve been holding The Mile High Club in the UK for two and a half years. I’d been with Miss Moneypenny’s for seven years in the UK and a couple of years ago I decided to start my own brand in five-star hotels there.

So what brought you out here?
I was called in to play 360° back in April last year. As I was here for four days, I tried to cram in as much as possible and fell in love with the place. So when I got back to the UK I started to do my homework to see how I could get out here again. I love the whole atmosphere here: the laid-back, five-star clubbing.

The Mile High Club is all about the beautiful people, then?
I want to provide a five-star clubbing experience, but I don’t want it to sound elite. It’s about a five-star product rather than the people, I just want to lay on a fantastic night for everyone. At The Mile High Club everyone’s in first class!

Is it just you who’s doing to be DJing, or will you have colleagues?
The other DJ is Paul Hamilton, who’s been out here for years. He’s won loads of awards, like the Heineken DJ competitions, production competitions, that kind of thing. I’m glad he’s agreed to take me under his wing out here in Dubai, because he’s really earned his stripes.

Have you ever worked with any famous DJs?
Yeah, I was DJing with Sasha last year on his West Coast American tour in Las Vegas. It was incredible to be playing with one of the best DJs in the world. And he’s an avid Liverpool FC supporter like me, so we spent a lot of time in between mixes talking about football.

They say that Dubai is a lot like Las Vegas…
Nah, it’s classier than Las Vegas – the club we were playing in was shut down the week before because someone was shot outside it!

Crikey. Have you had any brushes with violence yourself?
Well I was DJing for a club in Ibiza when Liam Gallagher came up to me behind the decks and said, ‘You were with me before, take me back to where I was before,’ – he was absolutely bladdered by the way – and I said, ‘You’ve got the wrong person, mate.’ He heard my accent and realised I was from Liverpool and this seemed to get to him. He took his hat off as if to fight me, and then this 50-year-old woman came over and grabbed his arm, said, ‘Thank you for looking after him,’ and took him off. Later, some girl tried to take a photo of him so he grabbed the camera and smashed it on the floor. Then security led him out. He’s a bit of a live wire.

The Mile High Club is at Lotus One on December 19

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