Angel Linde

Pacha star Angel Linde tells us what 2008 held for him and what he wants to achieve in 2009.

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What DJing moment made you feel most proud this year?
I feel proud every year because I’m working at Pacha Ibiza, the best club in the world. To play alongside the best contemporary DJs and the legends of house fills me with pride.

How was your career in 2008?
My main focus this year was on my DJing – I played almost every night during the summer, and toured for most of the winter. But this coming year I’m going to be seeing a lot more of the studio.

What was the best decision you made this year?
I’m a very positive person so every decision I make feels right at the time. I don’t think I could highlight one in particular.

And what was the worst one?
I don’t seem to make bad decisions.

Lucky! What was your happiest moment from 2008?
One Friday in the summer when I played the closing set of Pure Pacha with Sander Kleinenberg. The crowd were great, the club looked fantastic, and everything I tried seemed to work. A great night.

What made you angriest?
I’m a lover, not a fighter!

What was the favourite track you heard this year and why?
Too many to name, but three are ‘Trumpet’ by Sis, ‘Reboot’ by Vandang and ‘La Mezcla’ by Michel Cleis. All of them hold fantastic memories from the summer.

What was the most surprising thing that happened this year?
How big our Sunday Pacha Classics party has become. I play every week with Sebastian Gamboa and Paul Taylor. It feels like the ’90s!

If you could relive 2008, how much of it would you change?
I’d like to be able to change the politics of Ibiza – the shortened licensing hours have placed too many constraints on clubbing there.

Angel Linde plays Fort Islan at Mina A Salaam Hotel, December 31

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